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3 Series Controller

Brand: Bat-Caddy
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Availability Notes: Please view the product description for important ordering and installation notes. If you need assistance ordering the correct replacement controller, please contact our customer service staff.
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Product Description

Controller Location & Ordering
The controller is located in a compartment underneath the battery. It may be either silver or black in color. On the side of the side is a small white label with the model number of the controller. It is important to order by the model number so that we can identify a compatible replacement.

Carts that have one motor will have controllers with three wires. If your cart has two motors the controller will have four wires.

Controller Installation
Replacement is done by unplugging the old unit after removing the shrink wrap covering the connection, then plug in the new controller. All connections are done via one way plugs - no soldering involved. There is a very thin nut holding the battery connector plug in position. Release the nut, slide the new plug into place and secure the nut. Plug in the battery and test the functions prior to securing the cover to the compartment.

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