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Bat-Caddy - A Leader Never Follows

Welcome to the Leading North American Brand of Electric Golf Push Carts!

Are you one of those golfers who finally wants to enjoy the true nature and beauty of a golf course while getting some physical exercise at the same time by walking the course? Or if you are getting tired of wasting money on renting riding carts, carrying your heavy golf bag or straining your shoulders, back and arms by pushing or pulling a hand cart, the Bat-Caddy electric motorized golf push kaddy cart might be the perfect solution for you! Here are some of the benefits of using a Bat-Caddy:

  • Staying fit, improving overall health & losing weight
  • Preventing strain on your back, arms & shoulders to improve your swing
  • Protecting the environment, the course and speed up game
  • Staying connected with the course
  • Preserving the tradition of walking the course
  • Improving your handicap
  • Saving money by eliminating rental cart fees

Bat-Caddy® Electric Golf Caddy has been showing the way for the motorized golf push cart industry in the US since 2004 and continues to be the best value in the market! Founded on the vision of enabling golfers of all ages, genders and capabilities to walk the course like the Pros with a caddy, a Bat-Caddy motorized golf cart will give you the true Tour Professional golfer's experience: walking the course while a ("robotic") caddy is carrying your bag.

Bat-Caddy - Electric Golf Caddy offers a proven, well designed, high quality and great value series of electric motorized push golf carts for every golfer, course environment and budget, backed up by the best customer service and long term business stability in the industry. A real company with real people! 

Bat-Caddy motorized carts are available as either manually (non-remote) or fully remote controlled units with either sealed lead acid or advanced super light and durable lithium batteries. We are celebrating our 14th Anniversary this year with many special promotions throughout the year. Join the strongly growing club of a new life style of golfing now and Save your Energy for the Game!

Learn more about the unique Bat-Caddy motorized golf trolleys and explore our site or call/email us!

Canadian customers please visit the Bat-Caddy Canada Website!

Les clients canadiens visitent le Bat-Caddy Canada site Web!

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