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News & Updates

COVID-19 Company Operations Update

Bat-Caddy is still operating normally, while all preventative health & safety measures have been taken. Stay healthy everyone!

Dear Bat-Caddy Customer: Due to the extremely strong demand for our caddies, we are periodically sold out on certain models. However, even more new caddies are scheduled to arrive in our warehouses by late May and early to mid June. We are re-opening our website for pre-orders as more incoming inventory is being confirmed. Approximate shipping times are indicated on your original order receipt, but it can take up to 5-10 business days for all of those orders to be shipped from our PA and CA facilities due to limited staffing caused by the coronavirus outbreak health and safety regulations, as well as Fedex pick-up truck capacity limitations. Also, certain components and accessories might go on backorder briefly due to supply chain disruptions. We apologize for any inconvenience that might cause, and we are doing our best to handle and ship your orders as fast as possible. The good news is that we will have a lot more supply coming in June to get you on the course with a new Bat-Caddy. Please place your pre-orders with us or one of our dealers as soon as possible to get in line, as supply will be limited due to the extremely strong demand. Thank you for your patience!

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Special Promotions

All caddies (except the X3 Classic) come with a free set of accessories including cup holder, umbrella holder and scorecard holder! (Seat and carry bag are NOT included for free)

Get additional 10% off all trade show demo and 20% off all certified pre-owned(CPO) Bat-Caddy models! Current available models are posted to the Caddy Demos and Pre Owned section of our website. Due to the rapidly changing inventory levels of our Demo and CPO models, online ordering is currently unavailable. Please email us at batcaddy@batcaddy.com or call us at (888) 214-6033 to place your order or check availability.

JuCad is continuing a special US introductory promotion, lowering prices by 15-20%+. You won't get the world's highest tech caddy for any better pricing with a special package deal including multiple accessories and the remote system. Offer valid for a limited time only! Check them out at our JuCad America website!

Shipping Announcements

SHIPPING ALERT: Due to the overwhelmingly high demand for our caddies, there might be slight backorder times for certain models at times. Please see below for current up to date shipping times for all models. The popularity and demand for our caddies continues to be extremely strong. They are HOT! We are trying our best to manufacture them as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and loyalty to the best selling and fastest growing electric caddy brand in the US! Get the real thing and don't go for the imitators!