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Product Info

Bat-Caddy offers a variety of motorized electric golf bag caddies for the golf enthusiast who likes to walk the course. Utilizing a powered golf caddy has many benefits to those who prefer to play the game like it was meant to be - Walking. You can save your energy for the game rather than physically having to push, pull or carry a golf bag all around the course for the day, especially in hilly or challenging environments.

Bat-Caddy offers electric golf caddies at multiple price points for every budget and based on the golf caddy features and performance. All models are available with either a standard sealed lead acid (Gel or AGM) or superlight advanced lithium battery. Bat-Caddy carts, electrical components and accessories also have the necessary government agency certifications. Find out more by clicking on our product pages and links that give full details and specification for each golf caddy model.

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