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Special Promotions

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Save up to 20% sitewide during the Bat-Caddy Independence Day Sale and discover a whole new freedom on the golf course! Plus, all Bat-Caddy models come with a free set of accessories (cup holder, umbrella & scorecard holder) and free shipping within the lower 48 states. Also we will match any legitimate published offer.

Remote Controlled Caddies

Bat-Caddy X3R
Promotional Price of only $749.95 (regular $1,049.95) with 35Ah lead acid battery or now only $1,099.95 with lithium battery

Bat-Caddy X4R
Promotional Price of only $849.95 (regular $1,189.95) or only $1,199.95 with lithium battery (regular $1,679.00)

Bat-Caddy X8R
Promotional Price of only $1,299.95 with lithium battery (regular $1,819.95) or $949.95 with 35Ah SLA battery

Manually Controlled (Non-Remote) Caddies

Bat-Caddy X3 Classic
Power and performance of an electric caddy for the price of a regular push cart! Only $349.95

Bat-Caddy X3 Sport
Special Price Reduction from $699.95 to only $499.95 (35Ah SLA battery good for 36+ holes)! Upgrade to a Lithium battery version for an additional $300.00.

Bat-Caddy X4 Classic
Special Price Reduction from $629.95 to only $449.95 (35Ah SLA battery). Upgrade to a Lithium battery version for an additional $300.00.

Bat-Caddy X4 Sport
Special Price Reduction from $769.95 to only $549.95 (35Ah SLA battery). Upgrade to a Lithium battery version for an additional $300.00.

Bat-Caddy X4 Pro
Reduced from $909.95 to $649.95 for SLA and $999.95 for LI

Bat-Caddy X8 Pro
Reduced from $979.95 to $699.95 for SLA and $1,469.95 to $1,049.95 for LI

All Bat-Caddy models available in either SLA or Lithum battery configurations!

All caddies (except the X3 Classic) come with a free set of accessories including cup holder, umbrella holder, scorecard holder! (Seat and carry bag are NOT included for free)

Get additional 10% off trade show demo or 20% off certified pre-owned(CPO) Bat-Caddy models! Email us for availability at batcaddy@batcaddy.com or call us at (888) 214-6033. Models currently availabe can also be found in the Caddy Demos and Pre Owned section of our website, but inventory fluctuates quickly.

Free Accessories under any promotion will automatically be added to your online caddy order and you will receive an online order confirmation which makes no separate statement about special promotions. Your credit card will be charged at time of order according to our Terms & Conditions. We will promptly issue credit upon request or cancellation of order.

Shipping Announcements

Free shipping of caddies via FedEx Ground within the continental U.S. Shipping options for Alaska, Hawaii and International destinations are also available - Please contact us for a custom quote.

From PA & FL Service & Logistics Centers: Northeast: 1-2 days, Southeast: 1-3 days, Mid/South West 2-4 days
From CA Service & Logistics Center (West Coast/Mountain): 1-3 days

Please visit the Bat-Caddy Canada website to place an order for shipping destinations in Canada.

SHIPPING ALERT: Due to the overwhelmingly high demand for our caddies, there might be slight backorder times for certain models at times. Please see below for current up to date shipping times for all models. The popularity and demand for our caddies continues to be extremely strong. They are HOT! We are trying our best to manufacture them as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and loyalty to the best selling and fastest electric caddy brand in the US! Get the real thing and don't go for the imitators!

LATEST SHIPPING UPDATE - March 1 -  There is currently a backorder on some remote controlled models. X4Rs will ship again around March 11 and X8R around March 18. Pre-orders will open up around one week ahead. Demand for our caddies and LI batteries continues to be extremely strong, so get your order in ASAP to get your caddy for the current season. Please call us for Demo or CPO units. NOTE: All models are now available with a lithium battery option, AND we also offer a lithium battery/charger retrofit package for our older models and most other brand 12V lead acid models and model years. Also, check out the German made JuCad Caddies, the world's ultimate high tech caddy, now at the world's lowest prices at www.jucadamerica.com ! Happy Golfing Season 2019!

JuCad is still running a special US introductory promotion lowering prices by 15-20%+. You won't get the world's highest tech caddy for any better pricing with a special package deal incl. multiple accessories and the remote system. Offer valid for a limited time only! Check them out at  JuCad caddy category