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Bat Caddy X4 Sport

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Availability Notes: Due to current supply chain issues as a result of COVID-19, some batteries may be unavailable at the time of your order. A battery of equal or better performance will be shipped at no additional charge unless otherwise indicated in your order notes.
Price: $549.95
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Product Description

2020 Bat-Caddy X4 Sport

Promotional Pricing
Starting at Only $549.95 (MSRP $797.43) with 12V35Ah SLA Battery
Starting at Only $849.95 (MSRP $1,232.43) with 12V20Ah Lithium Battery

Included Accessories
Scorecard Holder • Umbrella Holder • Beverage Holder

Optional Accessories
GPS Holder • Rain Cover • Sand Dispenser Bottle • Carrying Bag • Removable Caddy Seat

The Bat-Caddy X4 Sport is available with the following options...

12V 35Ah SLA Battery and 12V 16Ah or 12V 25Ah Lithium Batteries.

Please select your desired configuration when adding this caddy to you cart.

The Bat-Caddy X4™ Sport is our latest and one of the most stylish and unique manually controlled caddies on the market. Like its remote controlled brother the X4R, it features an lightweight, European style high tech aluminum frame. It has an easy two step, two click set up design folding into a package that is smaller than most regular push carts. It is propelled by a powerful 200W motor using a standard DC -12V 35Ah SLA battery good for up to 36 holes per charge with the option of the latest super light, compact and environmentally friendly lithium battery which provides 4 times the amount of charges and 36+ holes per charge. The motorized trolley is being operated manually with a seamless rheostat. In addition it had the options of a cruise control and a timed distance feature that can be set for 10, 20, 30 yards. The design also allows for a freewheeling mode if the cart would ever lose power, so you will never be stuck out on the course.

Bat-Caddy® electronic golf cart products are highly innovative and all key components are manufactured in factories certified to the highest ISO 9000 quality standards. Based on our track record Bat-Caddy caddies are the highest performance and most competitive carts in the global market for motorized golf push trolleys and represent what really counts in this market: A Great Balance between Functionality, Performance, Practicality, Quality and Value!

Bat-Caddy® provides a full one year factor warranty against all defects in materials and workmanship on every new caddy purchase. Beyond the warranty period, customers continue to receive the best support in the industry from a knowledgeable service staff and access to the most comprehensive in-stock inventory of genuine caddy parts and accessories anywhere. Our track record of excellence in customer service spans more than a decade, and it's that commitment to our customers which makes Bat-Caddy® the leading brand of electric golf caddy.

Bat-Caddy X4 Sport Model Features at a Glance

  • High Tech Aluminum Alloy Frame and Stainless Steel Components: Extreme light weight, durable, European inspired, sleek, minimalistic design. Durable and strong components are the key ingredient for a high quality caddy and a lasting positive experience. Bat-Caddy uses only high grade aluminum and stainless steel for its key components, such as the frame, gear boxes, motor housings and axles. Beware of anything plastic in these areas! Also the bag supports are aluminum and come equipped with stylish extensions and bungee cords both on the upper and lower bag supports for a better bag fit.
  • Color Options: The X4 Sport is available in Space Silver, Matte Black or Gloss White with wheels to match. Due to customer demand we now offer the no-charge option of allowing the customer to mix and match the frame color and rear wheel color!
  • Powerful, Quiet, Fast Motor: The X4 features a powerful, quiet 200 Watt electric motor. Also the caddy will master any hill (30+ degrees climbing ability) and reaches a top speed of 5-6 mph.
  • Easy to use Multi-Function Handle: Manual rheostat control, On/Off buttons, a 10, 20, 30 yard distance timer, a Stop/Go cruise control function, a power and battery Charge indicator, as well as a USB port all integrated into a new small handle design, so you are in complete control of ALL Caddy Functions ALL the Time!
  • Off-Power Freewheeling Mode Feature: The caddy can be accelerated and slowed down via the handle rheostat control manually. In Off-Power mode it is completely free wheeling, so even if you ever run out of battery power you can push the X4 just like a manual push cart!! Many caddies don't have this capability and you will be stuck on the course if you lose power!
  • Lightweight and Efficient Battery Options: The X4 can be run on several different batteries. We now offer a 35Ah (standard) good for up to 36 holes per charge or an optional upgrade to the latest lithium battery (up to 45 holes) which weighs only 6 lbs, is a 3rd of the size of the SLA batteries and has a cycle life 4 times an SLA battery (500 – 700 charges). It's more expensive, but if weight is an issue, this is a great option.
  • Speed Control: Precise speed control via 7-speed rheostat.
  • Stop & Go Function: Allows you to stop and restart the caddy with a press of a button on the handle, so you don't have to adjust the speed after every stop
  • New Adjustable Handle Design: Offers seamless adjustment from 33-45" in height for various body types and preferences.
  • Tracking Adjustment: In order to optimize tracking, the X4 Sport comes with a front wheel tracking mechanism.
  • Easy One Piece Two-Click Fold Design: collapses into one piece (not three like others) in seconds to fit in any vehicle trunk - No engineering degree required!! Folded caddy is only a 33"x20"x10" package and will fit into the trunk of even the smallest sports car!
  • High quality and Innovative Accessories: A scorecard holder, umbrella holder and beverage holder are included. Additional accessories such as GPS holder, rain cover, carrying bag, sand dispenser bottle and removable caddy seat can complement the X4 package. Check out SPECIAL OFFERS!

Great Value!!! MSRP $769.95 | NOW SPECIAL SALE ONLY $549.95
(incl. 35Ah Battery standard. Other batteries optional at surcharge.)

*On occasion, and as inventory dictates, we will ship batteries with slightly different specifications but having equal or better performance ratings.

*Life of sealed lead acid and any other batteries is dependent on a variety of factors, other than purely the number of charges, including but not limited to frequency between charges, duration of charge, level of drainage, idle time, storage conditions and duration and overall shelf time. We cover our batteries according to our warranty policy and any potential additional coverage is at our discretion.

*Bat-Caddy reserves the right to modify/upgrade any components during a model year, so illustrations on our website, brochures and manuals may slightly vary from the actual product shipped. However, Bat-Caddy guarantees that specifications and functionality will be always equal or better from the advertised product. Promotional accessories may also vary from illustrations shown on our website and other publications.

*Special delivery instructions may be requested at time of order, however, UPS is not obligated to honor any instructions related to date, time or location. All shipments exceeding $200.00 in value will require a signature at delivery. Customer may opt to waive the signature requirement at checkout but once an order has been shipped with signature requirement it CANNOT be removed. The shipment can be rerouted or held in the carriers terminal for pick up but Bat-Caddy will NOT be responsible for any additional shipping cost or return shipping resulting from this change. Bat-Caddy, LLC is not liable for any loss, theft or damage that may occur if the signature requirement has been waived by the customer.

Product Specifications

Product Manual:
Speed Control:
Seamless Handle Rheostat Control, 10, 20, 30 Distance Timer, On/Off Switch, Cruise Control, Battery Charge Indicator, USB Port
Power: 1 x 200 Watt, 12 V DC Electric
Drive Train:
Rear Wheel Drive (17:1 ratio), Free Wheeling when off power
Power: 12V, 35Ah Sealed Lead Acid or Lithium, Dimensions: depending on battery, Weight: 35Ah 25 Lbs; Li 6 Lbs, Average Charge Time: 4-6 Hours, Lifetime: ca. SLA ca. 150 charges* / Li 500+ charges
Input: 110-240V AC, Output: 12V/3A-4A DC Trickle Charger
Net Weight Caddy: 20 Lbs (9kg), Net Weight Battery: 33Ah SLA 20 Lbs; Li 6 Lbs (2.5 kg) - 24 Lbs 35Ah SLA (11 kg), Total Net Weight: 20 Lbs + Battery
5.5 m/h (9.0 km/h)
13 m/up to 36 Holes/6-8 Hours with std 35AH SLA battery
Dimensions: Unfolded:
Length: 42-50" (adjustable handle), Width: 20", Height: 35-45" (adjustable handle)
Dimensions: Folded:
Length: 33", Width: 20", Height: 10"
Rear Wheels:
Airless, rubberized thread, Quick Release Mechanism, Diameter: 12.0"
Front Wheels:
Airless, rubberized tread, Tracking Adjustment
Frame: Aluminum & Stainless Steel, Bag Support: Aluminum with ABS plastic extensions & tight fit bungee cords
Oxidized Silver, Matte Black, Glossy White
Complimentary Accessories:
Scorecard Holder, Umbrella Holder, Cup Holder
Optional Accessories:
Rain Cover, Sand Dispenser, GPS Holder, Carrying Bag, Removable Caddy Seat
1 Year on Parts & Labor, 1 Year on Battery
Type: Cardboard Box, Styrofoam or Cardboard Cushioning || Dimensions: 33" x 24" x 12" (84 x 61 x 30 cm) || Gross Weight: 29-50 Lbs (depending on battery type)

Warranty Information

What is covered?
Any defect in material and workmanship resulting from personal, normal use in accordance with the owner’s manual.

For how long?
One (1) year from the day of purchase for caddy, caddy parts, battery and electronics. Caddy accessories are covered under this warranty for 90 days.

Who gets the warranty?
The warranty is nontransferable and limited to the person who originally purchased the product.

Geographic scope:
This warranty applies only to original Bat-Caddy products purchased in the United States, Canada and Western Europe from Bat-Caddy, a local fully authorized Bat-Caddy dealer or distributor. International shipping cost for product, parts or repair services exported from the country of original purchase are not covered by warranty.


What we will do:
If your caddy or any parts thereof are defective under the terms and definitions of this warranty, we will send you replacement parts, repair it or, at our discretion, replace it at no charge to you. Refunds may be issued only according to the Company's current return policy in the Terms & Conditions.

How to get warranty service?
To get warranty service for your trolley you must contact one of Bat-Caddy's Service & Support Centers and provide proof of date and place of purchase of the product. At our discretion we will provide one of the following Warranty services:

  • Do-It-Yourself Service: Call a Bat-Caddy Service Center to diagnose the problem and make arrangements to get appropriate replacement parts.
  • Bat-Caddy Shop Service: If repair cannot be reasonably easy performed by customer, we will return your caddy or the defective parts in question to one of our Service Centers and repair or replace them at our expense.
  • 3rd Party Shop Service: In certain cases repairs might be performed faster and more cost effective by a local 3rd party mechanic or repair shop, and Bat-Caddy might choose such services at our discretion. In such cases Bat-Caddy will reimburse reasonable repair cost.

For warranty services you must retain the original packing material in the event you need to ship your product back to one of our Service Centers. Charges for replacement packaging and shipping of such will apply.

Upon contacting a Bat-Caddy Service Center or authorized dealer we will determine the appropriate service option under this warranty. The contact numbers, e-mails and addresses of our Service Centers can be found on our website at http://batcaddy.com/pages/Contact-Us.html

What this warranty does not cover:
This warranty does not cover wear parts, such as rubber tire treads or remote control batteries. The warranty does not cover any defects resulting from accidents, damage while in transit to our service locations, or damage resulting from alterations, misuse or abuse, lack of proper maintenance, water damage due to hosing down or power washing product or submerged contact with water hazards, lakes or other water bodies, any loss of control of the unit resulting in equipment or consequential damage, unauthorized repair or modifications of the product, affixing any attachment not provided with the product, overloading of the product, fire, flood, or acts of God, or failure to follow the instructions in the Owner’s manual. This warranty also does not cover any international shipping cost or foreign repair services due to exportation of the cart from the country of original purchase.

This warranty is the only one we will give on your product, and it sets forth all our responsibilities regarding your product. There are no other express warranties! Please read our legal notice and terms and conditions at www.batcaddy.com as they may contain additional regulations and legal obligations or restrictions between the parties.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary under local and State law.

Please check our website at http://batcaddy.com/pages/Warranty-Info.html for any updates on this warranty.

Bat-Caddy® is a registered trademark of SpaCom LLC, Bat-Caddy Division 830-13 A1A North, #499, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 USA

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Product Reviews

  1. Highly Recommend Bat-Caddy

    Posted by Bob H., Westminster, CA on October 10th 2018

    Used Bat Caddy on Monday and very please with the power of the electric cart going up hill. I like the variable speed dial to assist in controlling the cart. Haven't had a chance to use the 10-20-30 yardage control yet still getting acquainted. I highly recommend Bat Caddy.

  2. Easily Gets 36 Holes

    Posted by Raymond P., Bellbrook, OH on November 27th 2017

    Thus far the caddy performs excellently. Easily gets 36 holes from the 20 Ahr lithium battery. I may try for 54 at some point. One suggestion would be to design a cardholder with more storage volume, i.e. enough to hold a rangefinder.

  3. What a blast!!

    Posted by Unknown on October 3rd 2017

    Having a Bat Caddie is the best! Being able to walk the course without feeling like your grocery shopping with a regular push cart is wonderful. I've played about 10 rounds since receiving my Bat Caddie and it is a blast. I also own an electric golf cart but walking is a great alternative....especially in the fall.

  4. Treated like a Customer

    Posted by Bill S., Fairfield Glade, TN on April 21st 2017

    As I told you on the phone today I was very happy with the repair of my Batcaddy. I got it back Tuesday ( 4/18/17 ) and used it the next day. It actually seemed to operate better than when it was new a little over a year ago. I am very appreciative of your personal service in getting this repaired and getting me back to the golf course. It was just slightly out of warranty and you could have made it difficult, but instead you treated me as a customer. P.S. I will be 77 in September and just love to walk my golf.

  5. Amazing Customer Service

    Posted by Anil P., Paramus, NJ on March 3rd 2017

    To whom it may concern
    I just wanted to thank you for your Amazing customer service.
    last weekend I carelessly cause my cart to tip over in to bunker causing battery cable to bent and I requested replacement information
    and to my to my surprise you guys sent me new one. I really appreciate it. I am back in business thank to you guys.

  6. Great Product

    Posted by John R., Arden Hills, MN on January 10th 2017

    This is the third baddy caddy that I have purchased. The first and this one for myself, the second one for my wife. Great product for people who want to walk the golf course.

  7. Super Fast, Super Easy

    Posted by Richard H., Yorkana, PA on May 10th 2016

    Super quick delivery; went together very easily

  8. Nice Improvements in Design

    Posted by Steve F., Boise, ID on September 7th 2015

    I don't even remember when I bought my first Bat Caddy, so it was many years ago. Recently, my X2 Pro decided to call it quits, and rather than put more money into parts, I had my pro order me an X4 Sport.

    Well...there have been some improvements in design, I see. I really like the wider wheelbase on the rear wheels, and the longer wheelbase to the front wheel, as well as the battery carriage. The bag "straps" are now bungee corded, which is a great improvement. Overall, this looks and acts like a significant step forward. My wife's X2 Pro is still going strong, but the minute it shows signs of trouble, she's likely going to be an X4 owner, too.

    Good stuff! Glad Bat Caddy is showing the rest of the industry how to do it. Also thanks for replying on Labor Day; I would not have expected that, but you have always exceeded our expectations.

  9. Great Value

    Posted by Bob F., MI on May 8th 2015

    Fast ordering and delivery process. So far my X4-Sport has performed great. This electric power cart is a great value & makes walking 18 holes much easier and more enjoyable.