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General purpose multimeter for measuring the voltage on our Bat-Caddy batteries. InstructionsThe multimeter has numerous functions and can take various readings. These instructions are specifically for measuring voltage on our Bat-Caddy batteries. The procedure is the same for either our Lead Acid Battery (SLA) or our Lithium Battery. Position the red pointer on the central dial to the DVC section of the meter. Specifically, to the 20 number within the DVC section Plug the red lead into the middle port (VΩmA) on the right side of the meter. Plug the black lead into the bottom port (com) Slide the yellow button in the center of the meter to "ON" LED screen will light and show 0.00 ± Touch & hold the black lead probe to the negative (black) terminal on the battery. While holding the black probe to the terminal, touch and hold the red lead to the positive terminal (red). Read the resulting voltage that will appear on the LED screen A guideline to determine capacity of your battery :There is no exact measurement of capacity with a chemical battery. You can only measure voltage and then estimate capacity based on initial voltage and how it performs in use. Using a new battery as a reference:A new and fully charged SLA battery should range between 13.3V to 13.6 V (±0.1). A new and fully charged Lithium battery should range between 14.4V to 14.6V(±0.1). As the battery is used and ages this maximum voltage will decrease. If your battery is slowing down at the end of a round, or not even making 18 holes it is time to replace the battery. To confirm this, re-charge the battery, then measure the voltage if it reads well below the range of a good battery; you need a new battery