John Rollins PGA Tour Player – BATCADDY Ambassador

How long have you been playing golf and why do you love the game?
I have been playing golf since I was 13 years old, so all total for 34 years. I have been playing professionally since 1997.

I love the game of golf for many reasons.

  1. I Love being outside and enjoying the beauty of golf courses.
  2. It is a sport that you can play your entire life.
  3. You meet incredible people through the game of golf.
  4. I also love the game of golf because it is one of the only sports where a professional and an amateur can have a competitive match with each other given the handicap system.
  5. The final reason I love golf so much is the constant pursuit of perfection. Even though you know you will never attain it, this game hooks you and brings you in to continually pursue the art of perfection.

What is your best memory about the game and your career? Is there a shot that comes to mind or something that you will always remember?
One of my favorite memories in golf happened in 2002 at the Bell Canadian Open at the time (now RBC Canadian Open). I made a birdie putt on the first playoff hole to win my first PGA Tour tournament. That is something I will never forget.

Also, qualifying for the Masters in 2003 for the first time was very special as well. Always something I dreamed of playing in, from watching as I learned the game in high school and college.

Have you always been active from a lifestyle standpoint? And what sports did you play?
I have always been an active person. As a kid growing up. I played baseball, basketball, and golf. I was always up for any tour of competitive games though.

How many rounds do you play per week?
My rounds per week vary as you can imagine, but I would say I play about 4 rounds per week. That number will vary if I am at a tournament or even prepping for a tournament.

Do you always walk golf when you practice?
Walking isn’t something that I do all the time when I play due to time restraints at times or schedule conflicts with timing, but it is something that I love to do. I like to walk when I can and enjoy just being out on the course to take it all in.

How would you compare walking to riding?
I really feel that walking gives me a better perspective of what I am doing and keeps me in a nice calm state of mind. It makes me feel like I am competing in a tournament and helps me stay focused on my game and what I am trying to do. It’s also a great way to get some exercise while doing something you love.

When is your next tournament?
My next tournament I am hoping to play will be the Byron Nelson right here in my hometown of Dallas, TX. Not a guarantee at this point but I am keeping my fingers crossed. If that doesn’t happen, then it will likely be late June or early July after I turn 48 and gain access to the Korn Ferry Tour off a career money category for players 48-49 that are gearing up for the Champions Tour. Gotta keep at the hard work.

Anything you would like to close with?
Golf has meant so much to me and my family and has blessed us beyond anything I could have ever imagined. We have traveled to some of the greatest places, met some of the coolest people and played some of the best courses in the world. I love the platform that this game has given me in a way to help others learn this game, give back to those that need it and to just be a positive influence on a young kid that is learning or even watching at a Tour event. Golf is truly the greatest sport in the world.

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  • Terry

    John, I have followed your career since your VCU days. You do a great job on PGA radio . Best of luck!

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