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Bat-Caddy is the undisputed North American market leader for motorized, remote and non-remote controlled electric golf caddies. Our current dealer network is comprised of over 250 retailers and golf shops and is constantly growing. You can use our dealer locator to identify the nearest retail outlet.

Please note that due to the niche market nature of this product many of the outlets are still non-stocking dealers and order by request only. If there is no dealer in your vicinity yet, you can ask your local golf shop to contact us to place an order.

You can also contact us directly at (888) 669-6740 or for any questions and information about our caddies.

Multilingual Sales & Support

Bat-Caddy users come from all walks of life and many bring with them their own language. Because of the language barriers sometimes faced when speaking with customers, Bat-Caddy has reached out to its growing network of dealers to help provide sales and support assistance for non-English speaking customers. The list below contains contact information for these dealers along with the languages they support.

Bat-Caddy English & German

Contact Peter Hanneforth @ (415) 691-8688

Sunrise Golf Carts English & Korean

Contact Sun Swanson @ (931) 249-2046

Miami Golf Downtown English & Spanish

Contact Miami Golf Downtown @ (305) 371-4554

Motogolf English & Chinese

Contact Jan @ (702) 723-8348

Motogolf English & Japanese

Contact Ken @ (702) 723-8348

* The dealers in this list are being provided as a courtesy to our foreign language customers only, and has been compiled in consent with these respective 3rd party companies. Please note that they can only offer support for initial general sales inquiries and consultation, not after sales support and Tech Support for existing carts, unless the caddy was purchased through this particular dealer. For general Bat-Caddy Tech Support please contact your nearest Bat-Caddy Service Center. Bat-Caddy does not endorse or recommend any particular individual dealer, nor is Bat-Caddy liable for any of the actions or statements of these dealers. Our Terms and Conditions apply.

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