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The innovative Batcaddy electric motorized golf caddy product line, featuring both manually and remote controlled trolleys, represents a great addition to your golf cart product portfolio. The performance, features and quality positions our electric golf carts in the top tier segment of the market at very competitive price points. In addition, with one of the most attractive dealer discounts nationwide and a flexible leasing fleet program, we are giving you plenty of opportunity to develop a substantial new income source. The market for electric golf caddies is rapidly growing in the US, Canada and around the world, as more and more golfers recognize the benefits of using a motorized golf push carts in order to walk the course like the Pros.

The Batcaddy is also an attractive option for golf course operators for a rental fleet. Its features and benefits make it an ideal service and added value for your members and guests with a very quick pay-back time and minimal maintenance cost. The benefits of a motorized electric golf push cart rental fleet are as follows:

Less Course Wear: according to a 2004 USGA report push carts cause minimal wear and tear on the course when compared to riding carts.

Motorized Alternative in Wet Conditions and Increased Speed: cart path only rules slow down the game and wet conditions increase turf damage with riding carts. The Batcaddy can run directly from point A to B anywhere on the course without leaving deep track marks or damaging the precious turf. According to our extensive internal test results, Bat-Caddies are even faster in dry conditions, when compared to two average players in a riding cart.

Reduced Capital Investment: the Batcaddy electric carts require only a fraction (ca. 10%) of the capital cost of a riding cart, but could rent for 50% or more of the full size cart fees (plus: one cart per player, so rental fees per two-some are similar or more as compared to riding carts). Our business model shows that a medium size (25-50) Batcaddy rental fleet could have a payback period of only a few months and generate a net profit for your course in excess of $100,000 p.a.

Reduced Maintenance Cost: The Batcaddy bag carts are mostly maintenance free and long lasting. Other than charging the battery they require minimal attention and spare parts also cost much less than for riding carts.

Less Financing and Insurance Cost: due to the low initial capital requirements, there are usually no financing or high leasing fees required and your insurance cost will also be substantially lower!

Better Etiquette and Traditional Appeal: the game of Golf was meant to be walking. A Batcaddy cart fleet could enable you to offer a unique traditional golf experience to your members and guests while still being perceived as an innovative, high tech, state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line service golf course.

In a nutshell, a Batcaddy electric caddy program could boost your bottom line and get you an additional competitive edge! Your members will love it!!! Please contact us for more information on our retail program or to discuss a rental fleet program.

For questions about specific locations of our retail network please see our growing list of US outlets below or contact us at 1-888-669-6740 or send us an e-mail at batcaddysales@batcaddy.com