From the President

Dear Walking Golf Enthusiast:

Thank you for your interest in Bat-Caddy®, the leading electric golf caddy brand in North America. We have been promoting the concept of walking golf with a motorized electric push cart in the US since 2004. We firmly believe that walking the course is not only the way the game was meant to be played, but also provides a series of benefits for golfers resulting in better health, game performance, handicap results as well as financial savings.

We are currently living in unprecedented times. A global pandemic has interrupted our normal lives, and in some cases derailed our livelihoods. We at Bat-Caddy have been trying our best to cope with this situation and continue to deliver value to our customers while protecting our employees, vendors and affiliates.

Nevertheless, the game of golf is alive and well! Even during the pandemic a majority of golf courses around the country remained open for play, and millions of golfers continued to play the game, many actually joining the sport again. Golf was one of the few sports that could be practiced relatively safely while adhering to social distancing rules and obeying health safety standards at the same time. However, that was under one condition, namely as long as you walked the course instead of riding in a two-person golf cart. This condition created an instantaneous and enormous increase in demand for electric and manual golf push carts. The entire market sold out within weeks and suppliers struggled to manufacture and deliver more product under increased restrictions and limitations throughout the supply chain. Bat-Caddy reacted quickly and was able to catch up with the increased demand within a few months. We are now back to our normal shipping and service performance.

Bat-Caddy stands for innovative technology, outstanding customer service and great value electric golf caddies. Since 2004 the company has made large investments in its service ability. We employ “real” people in “real” brick and mortar facilities using state-of-the-art technology to deliver great product and service. All our employees are living by the "Golden Rule” of customer service: “Treat others as you want to be treated”.

I envision that the game of golf will continue to thrive, even after the pandemic. Hopefully many more golfers will realize that walking the course with an electric caddy will not only provide them with multiple health benefits, but also improve their game by being physically fitter and more in tune with the course, and even save money by eliminating cart rental fees. After all there is a reason why golf Pros are walking the course with a caddy and not riding in a cart.

Talk to us about your caddy needs and save your energy for the game!

Peter Hanneforth