From the President

Dear Golf Enthusiast:
Thank you for your interest in Bat-Caddy, the leading electric golf caddy brand in North America. We not only pride ourselves of having the best value electric trolleys but also one of the best customer service records in the industry! Our dedicated service staff in our four Logistics Centers in Bethlehem, PA, Jacksonville, FL, Denver, CO and San Francisco, CA has the longest term experience with all major electric trolley brands in the industry and is able to answer any technical question or provide support to our customers, if they ever do experience a rare technical problem. Sometimes we even get service calls about competing brands and products, which we are usually willing and able to provide effective support for. We also have a policy of getting back to the customer within hours and ship and deliver critical spare parts within a couple of days, or overnight if required! Our spare part portfolio is published on the web, transparent and very competitively priced, so there will be no nasty surprises down the road. Please feel free to compare us to some of our competitors, who usually do not publish their spare parts pricing and might overcharge you for simple replacement parts, if they are available at all! We offer a service level, transparency and customer dedication that is unrivaled in this industry.

Before you make a choice for your caddy keep the following personal advice in mind: Beware of cheap imitators selling similarly looking "bargain" caddies on anonymous auction websites without a service department, 800 number or a real corporate address or actual physical facility (check their address location on Google Earth)! Only trust our "Authorized Dealers" on these sites and don't get a grey import shipped out of a garage. We are getting many calls for help from desperate people who bought cheap caddy carts from so called "amateur" or "garage" companies and are now stranded with no support or parts after sales service and are facing a complete loss of their investment because of a defective part that can't be replaced!!! Also make sure to ask for a company's track record and history. Bat-Caddy basically has opened up this industry to a broader audience in the US, and over the years there have been a number of small start-ups out there who not only try to sell copied products from a Chinese pirate factory but blatantly take copyright informational and promotional text from our website and published material. We have seen quite a few of these "companies" come and go quickly due to quality problems or Management incompetence. These outfits also tend to change their models frequently because the previous ones did not work properly. Ask yourself why you never see a name or real person behind these obscure "manufacturers/brands". Please make sure that you research and check out first who you can trust to do business with. Often a few dollars in savings don't pay off, if you don't get the real thing or nobody will pick up the phone, if you need a part. Anybody can post anything on a website nowadays. At Bat-Caddy you will deal with real people in real facilities with a professional background and attitude. As testified by many of our customers over many years (see: Testimonials) Bat-Caddy will always be there for you, and I am personally making sure that our customer satisfaction level is the highest in the industry.

Save Your Energy for the Game!!

Peter Hanneforth