The Bat-Caddy carts have been sold for many years all over the world and our fleet is now ten thousands of units strong. Here we would like to share some unfiltered opinions of some of our customers about our electric golf caddy products and their experience dealing with our company and staff:

Please check out some of the latest news and testimonials on Bat-Caddy - Electric Golf Caddy:

"I bought my first Bat-Caddy in 2010 from Ron, When he was first opening the Bethlehem office. I tried several other brands, and was very dissatisfied until I found Bat-Caddy. Since that time, at least 10 people at my club have bought a Bat-Caddy. You people have a tremendous product, and you run the place like you mean it. I will be a lifelong customer and referral.", Tom F.; (September 2020)

"Dear Bat-Caddy President, you might remember that based on your recommendation I purchased a  X3R demo in September 2010. It is now three years and three seasons later and I continue to be happy with my Bat-Caddy, which I also use off season since I play winter golf, usually when there is no snow on the ground. I wanted you to be aware of my most recent Bat-Caddy experience to emphasize the toughness of the unit and the continued responsiveness of your PA Service Center under Ron's guidance:
On October 23rd I was playing at Fairway Valley Golf Club in Washington New Jersey where I am a long time member. I was using my Bat-Caddy to carry my bag and had just finished putting on the third hole and turned around to where I left my Bat-Caddy and it wasn’t there. I then looked about 30 yards down the hill to the next tee box and saw my unit in the pond beyond the tee box. The whole bottom was covered with water up to the middle of the unit and although the motor was still running and the cart tried to move, there was too much mud at the bottom and it was too far from land to reach. Luckily two of the groundskeepers were nearby and one got a rope around the handle and the other held a rake against the side of the cart to prevent it from tipping while the first guy pulled it to land. The unit was under water for about 10 minutes. I tried to move the unit with the controls and the lights on the handle unit went on and the unit stuttered but didn’t move forward and since it wouldn’t turn off, I unplugged the battery. The guys took it back to the clubhouse where I left it until I finished my round using one of the club’s riding carts.
When I got the Bat-Caddy home, I tried to turn it on but got no response and I turned it on its side and about a quarter cup of water came out to the box below the battery compartment where the controller is located. I brought the unit inside to try to dry it out but still got no response when I turned the unit on. I tried for about a week with no success. During this time I was in constant communication with Ron via emails and through his email advice was able to locate the controller and use a hair blower to dry it out and after about four hours the unit turned on. This was almost a week after I “dunked” my Bat-Caddy. I was out today for the second time since and my Bat-Caddy was merrily rolling along again.
I thought you would appreciate learning of my experience and the dedication of your Service staff.", Phil S.; (November 2013)

"Dear Bat-Caddy: Can not possibly tell you guys how much I enjoyed golf last year and improved my handicap significantly, not to mention my health from walking the course.......I can not imagine that my telling everyone how wonderful the Bat Caddy X4R makes the game so much more enjoyable did not produce at least a couple of orders for your great product. Bravo!!" Max F.; Londonderry, NH (January 2013)

"Thanks for the quick delivery of my X4R model. I've been so busy enjoying it on the golf course that I've been neglectful in getting back to you. What a great product! Easy to assemble, easy to use and it adds a tremendous amount of enjoyment to a round of golf. Its quiet operation is another big plus. But the biggest positive for me is how much better my back feels now that I've got my bag off my shoulders and onto my BatCaddy. It has stirred considerable interest among my members as well so maybe it will lead to some future sales. Thanks again!" Jon R., GM, White Plains Country Club, Pageland, SC (November 2012)

"Last week i took a ride to Bethlehem, PA to Bat-Caddy to have my caddy serviced. Ron, Bruce, Chris were unbelievable. They solved my problem and could not have been more gracious, professional and courteous than they already were. My X2 Pro is the greatest electric golf caddy on the market. your company is fantastic. I am so happy I bought it. I play approximately 125-150 rounds of golf per year and w/o the cart i would not be able to walk the 5.5 miles each day. Again, thank you and your company for the great service." Morton W., Medford, NJ (December 2012)

"I absolutely love my new remote Bat Caddy X4R. I just moved to Oregon where our course is very hilly. I was told by members that the Bat Caddy was the only cart that could handle the hills. The X4R is easy to transport and easy to work. The remote feature is totally worth it since you can send the caddy on ahead of you. I would not buy without. The cart is very sturdy and smooth on the course. There is a bit of a learning curve as you match the cart speed with your walking speed. All totally worth it! Best of all is the excellent customer service. Any inquiry is immediately addressed. The service representatives are extremely knowledgeable and able to help on the spot. This is the best purchase I have made in the last year!!! Makes a 5 mile walk with clubs so easy and enjoyable!", Rochelle N., Bend, OR (October 2012)

I am enjoying my Bat-Caddy X3R very much . . . it was well worth the wait. I have used a push cart for six years and always felt exhausted after playing certain courses which had hills. By the time I got to my ball I was unable to muster up enough energy to pull off a decent shot, but now with my Bat-Caddy after 18-holes I am full of energy. I am now able to tackle those golf courses with hills, make my second or third shot with ease and energy. Thank you for having such a wonderful product on the market.
By the way, I made a hole-in-one yesterday on the West Course at Andrews AirForce Base Golf Course, MD the 9th hole 114 yards with a nine iron. Corlette F., Washington, DC (August 2012)

"Bat Caddy carts are far and away the the Lexus of electric golf carts. There is no comparison for excellence in design, performance, lightweight compactness at an affordable price. I did extensive research before I purchased my X4R cart, both on the internet, in golf stores, and interviewing every golfer that had an electric cart that joined me on the golf course. There are numerous electric carts on the market. They range in price from around $400 to $2,500, mostly in the higher end above $1,500, which is not justifiable for the average golfer.

During my research, I found that all of the carts, regardless of price, had common flaws. They were bulky, ugly, hard to fold up and heavy. They looked like converted lawn mowers. When I saw the Bat Caddy X3R cart, I was instantly excited, but afraid of the price, due to the excellent design. I asked the owner many questions about her cart. She gushed about how pleased she was with it; lightweight, powerful, compact and $600. She showed me how easily it folded up into a compact size. She said that Bat Caddy had released a new model, the X4R at $700 that was even better than her cart. I was instantly sold. $700 was in my justifiable price range.

I bought my Bat Caddy X4R two years ago for $700 and could not be more pleased. It is elegantly designed, powerful, lightweight and folds up quickly into a compact size. If it weren't for the presence of the battery, most golfers would not know that it is an electric cart due to its simple and beautiful design. It does not look like a clunky electric cart. The remote control is easy to use and has a range of at least 100 yards.

I play weekly on a steep golf course and my X4R is so powerful, that it easily pulls me up the steep hills. Better yet, I have had a few minor issue with my cart, and each and every time, Bat Caddy customer service has readily replaced parts, free of charge, under their generous warranty.Their customer service is outstanding.

The X4R has increased in price since I bought mine but is still an excellent value.

This is an excellent company with an outstanding line of products. You can't do better than Bat Caddy for electric golf carts." Jim G., Burlingname, CA (July 2012)

"I want to compliment you on an excellent product. I purchased a Bat-Caddy X3. I have used it extensively for one year now. I golf 3 to 4 times a week in the Tacoma, Washington area. It has been absolutely great with no problems or complaints at all. This is just an excellent product which is very easy to use and performs exactly as advertised." Thom W., Tacoma, WA (June 2012)

"I can't believe that I received my Bat Caddy the day after I placed my order! I'm absolutely delighted with the product. Thanks for such great service. I have a feeling some of my friends will be green with envy once they see the Bat-Caddy in action. You can be sure I'll do my best to send them in your direction. Thanks again." Jim F., Stockbridge, MA (June 2012)

"My new Bat-Caddy is as great as the other reviews state. Now I just take a walk in the park when I go golfing. Before, I liked to walk with my push cart or carry my bag. But, you know how it goes on a hilly course by the middle of the back nine. I got tired like everyone else. Now, it’s a different story. I tell my wife after every round how much I appreciate her Father’s Day gift to me a month early back in May." Terry H., Bellefountaine, OH (June 2012)

"I ordered your X4R a couple of months ago. For the past 10 years I have owned a Robocaddy by PowaCaddy, I loved it but when the remote stopped working and I was unable to buy a replacement remote. I was decided I would buy a new Robocaddie but when I checked the price it was almost $2000, up $700 from when I first bought my original. I searched the internet and read everything I could about your product, and it took me almost 7 months to finally decide how much I missed just walking while golfing. I was very reluctant to buy your caddy because the price was so low, you know the saying you get what you pay for. But after that 7 months and your money back guarantee I figured I had nothing to lose. Well was I shocked at what a great product your caddy turned out to be! It is easily as good if not better than my RoboCaddy. It folds smaller, and it is amazing, I am a fast walker and there is no way I can keep up with your caddy, whereas with the Robocaddy I had to wait for it all the time. My home course is very hilly but your caddy runs up those hills, and the balance is so good it rarely gets up on the small back wheel. The remote is very simple to use, the caddy folds simply, and the accessories are wonderful, I love the seat. Thank you for making such a wonderful product, for anyone out there who is tired of carrying your clubs this is by far the best caddy on the market, you will be so glad you bought this. I golf 18 holes 6 times a week and the battery seems to be getting stronger. My golfing buddy has a Kangaroo, and he told me he wishes he would have know about the Bat-Caddy. He thinks it is much better than his and the price is unbelievable. Thanks again for making such a quality caddie at a bottom basement price." Bruce G., Ogden, UT (June 2012)

"Just a quick note to let you know we’re coming up on 1 year with our X2 Pros. They worked hard all winter, and are now enjoying the warmth of Spring. With just a little care (cleaning, lubrication), they have performed magnificently. I just did a Spring “tune up” on them, and they are so quiet, it’s incredible. Looks like our club members are starting to adopt them as well. Great product...thanks, Bat-Caddy." Steve & Cheri F., Boise, ID (May 2012)

"Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much my hubby loves his birthday present. The guys he golfs with are very impressed with the Bat-Caddy, and I think maybe you may be seeing some orders because of it. He is 63 and by the time he hits the 14th hole he said he was pretty fatigued and just going thru the motions. His shoulder muscles would be tight from the constant lifting of the bag and clubs. The Bat-Caddy allows him not only to walk and get extra exercise, but he says he now feels as fresh and loose on the 14th hole as he did on #1. Thanks for making him so happy" Audrey O., Louisville, KY (May 2012)

"I have one of your newer model X4Rs and I wanted to hold off writing a testimonial until I was certain this was a good product and not a case of new toy "infatuation"!! Well, this is not a good product, it is a GREAT product! And yes, it is a case of infatuation maturing into LOVE! I can not express how much more enjoyable I find the game even when my play is not up to my standards. What's that Mark Twain saying? "Golf is a good walk spoiled." Well, he never had a Bat-Caddy!!! This device brings back the "good walk" aspect of the game. I have been playing golf for 45 years, never had a caddy, hated riding in carts and pushing or pulling them around wasn't much fun either...........this is the most fun I have ever had playing the game. Coupled with a GPS app for the iPhone, I have a full fledged 'silent' caddy!! I have opened my season with the best starting rounds ever. My golf buddies are envious and I have a feeling you will have 2 more customers soon! I walk 3 to 5 miles daily and this cart helps me add to this healthy exercise routine in a very pleasant way. Thanks for a great product and your personal assurances that my warranty would not start until the snow was gone. You represent your quality product with quality professional service." Max F., Londonderry, NH (April 2012)

"Over the weekend I got to use my Bat-Caddy cart. I am very happy with how the cart performed. The cart did everything you said it would. For reverence, the cart does fit in my C6 Corvette convertible. Thanks for helping me choose the right cart!" Jim S. (March 2012)

"This is my second testimonial about your excellently designed carts. My first was February, 2011. I bought my X4R in August, 2010, and 16 months later, it continues to enthrall me with its elegant light weight design, performance, compact fold down and performance. It is the best golf product purchase I have ever made. As an architect, I seek elegantly designed products that perform excellently, and the X4R is the Lexus of all electric golf carts with its simple and elegant design, strong performance and reasonable price. My cart is so powerful, it pulls me up the steep hills of my home course. The few times that I have had problems your tech support staff has been exemplary with advice, and supplying new parts under warranty. Recently, I have seen many other carts on the golf course, but none compare in design, performance and price with the Bat-Caddy carts.Your carts are state of the art in design, performance and price. Great job!" Jim G., San Mateo, CA (January 2012)

"This to say my wife is absolutely delighted with her new Bat-Caddy. We have owned various types in the past 15 years and undoubtedly this is the best we have ever had, for everything, particularly the ease with which it handles on-course and getting it in and out of the car trunk. Great product, well designed. Congratulations and thanks." David M., WA (January 2012)

"Just a note, several of the guys at our club have your caddy and love them. Additionally, they have mentioned how great your service is as well. You have a great product there, congratulations and have a prosperous 2012." Ken M., Indianapolis, IN; (December 2011)

"I have had my Bat-Caddy X3R for almost 3 years. I use it almost three times a week year around. Of course things will wear out using a product that much but when I ask for help on a problem or need a part for replacement I contact Ron Z. and the service I receive is impeccable. I am normally up and running either the day I talked to him or within a week. I would recommend a Bat-Caddy for not only the price but the service. Being an retired Purchasing Executive I know the value of customer service and value for the money. You will always get it from Bat-Caddy." Ray G., Winston-Salem, NC (December 2011)

"By the way, I meant to tell you that the cart ran like a dream when I did use it this weekend. I really appreciate the customer service that you and your company provided me over the past year with my wife's Bat-Caddy X2 Pro, and that is why I decided to purchase one for myself. Once again, your company is coming thru with flying colors!!" Sam K., Haymarket, VA (November 2011)

"Received my Bat-Caddy X4R last week; assembled it and tested it in the neighborhood. Several neighbors wanted to give it a name. Took it out to my club and played nine holes during the week in a light rain. No problems navigating the wet rough, even climbing a few elevated tee boxes. I'm in Florida, so our course is pretty flat, but the ground is so soft it's like sponge cake when it rains. Played two rounds this weekend with it. No problems. Got a lot of compliments for its sleek aesthetic design. Great engineering!" Gary, Dunedin, FL (September 2011)

"I'm just writing to tell you that I opened up all of the compartments on my Bat Caddy after it accidently went swimming, let it dry for 3 days, and today I hooked up the battery and it ran perfectly. I have enjoyed my Bat Caddy a great deal since I bought it and I am now particularly pleased with the quality and reliability of your product... Thank you for all your help. A very satisfied customer." Al O.; Alton, IL (July 2011)

"I'd like to say thank you for the prompt services and part that I needed. I'm enjoying the Bat-Caddy a lot. Actually I love it. And, just let you know that my friend bought the X4r two weeks ago. Thank you again.!!" Kyung K., LaCanada, CA, (June 2011)

"I absolutely love my Bat Caddy X4R! Very easy to assemble, It's light and easy to use. It's very responsive, a regular work horse, streamlined with good looks! Everyone that has seen it has been impressed! Why would anyone want any other electric bag caddy? We may be ordering another one for my wife soon." Rip R., Yorba Linda, CA (June 2011)

"I want to say that the Bat-Caddy cart is fantastic, everybody on my golf course envies me because of its power, different speeds and backward motion, its maneuverability and its perfect remote control. It is the only one here in Argentina with so many different functions. Really I am very happy!" Alfredo R., Buenos Aires, Argentina; (June 2011)

"Thanks for this. My experience with Bat-Caddy has been excellent, and your service alone would easily be worth the extra money. Thanks again." Terry B., Ontario, Canada; (June 2011)

"Thanks so much for the quick service! I deal with a lot of customer service organizations, and yours is exceptional." Jim H., Monument, CO (May 2011)

"I purchased the X3R in January 2011 and have played about 20 rounds of golf. I have been very pleased with the cart. I have yet to come close to running out of battery life and even know I could play 36 holes on one charge. Very happy with this cart!" Wendell H., New York (May 2011)

"Iown the X4R Caddy and I would like to thank everyone at Bat-Caddy for the support they provide. My Caddy is used extensively (2 or 3 times a week) and aside from a few minor problems with the accessories it has performed flawlessly. Their Service responds very quickly. To all you Golfers who like to walk, Buy a Bat-Caddy. Thanks again for an excellent Product" Robert G., Newport News, VA. (April 2011)

"Still loving my Bat-Caddy and see no decline in the battery! I have just about converted a friend to join the Bat-Caddy family... This past Sunday he asked to switch with me as we went up a hill. I pushed his Sun Mountain and he followed my Bat-Caddy, by the top of the hill he was serious on getting one... Thanks again for a great product! Dennis C., Cisco, TX (April 2011)

"Again, thanks for your quick response I still enjoy my BatCaddy it is a great replacement for my HillCrest Kangaroo! I have several in my group of 12 now interested in contacting you about getting their own!" Barry B., Fairfax, VA; (March 2011)

"I just wanted to let you know that I spoke with your Service Manager yesterday, and he was very pleasant and extremely helpful. I was able to repair my cart last evening in a few minutes and it works just fine. Thank you very much. I sincerely appreciate the exceptional customer service. The other two playing partners in our foursome also have an interest in buying the same cart and I will be sure to let them know how satisfied I was with the service. I started my career almost 30 years ago in the supermarket industry where the company I worked for built its reputation on customer service. So I am always delighted to buy from a company that stands behind its product, employs associates who are friendly and courteous, and is responsive to my needs and concerns. They will most likely have my business for life." Eric R., Bel Air, MD; (March 2011)

"Really like my Bat-Caddy X4R so far! Walked 18 holes 4-days straight and still had energy to spare. Thanks." Gary O., Charlotte, NC (February 2011)

"I have used my X4R cart for five months now and I truly love it. I researched many electric carts before making my decision to purchase the X4R. There are many electric carts on the market, and most of them are very expensive, very ugly, or both. The X4R is such a simple and elegant design and always attracts attention. I appreciate its lightweight and excellent design and construction at a reasonable price. Your customer service has been as exemplary as the design and value of this cart." Jim G., San Mateo, CA (February 2011)

"I've used the Bat-Caddy X4R for 2 rounds, and it has worked perfectly! I'm 63 years old, and last year was the 1st time in over 10 years, that I was able to walk 18 holes (I have RA). I've carried my bag, but only able to walk 9 holes. I tried using a Bagboy push cart, but it really hurt my back during the 2nd 9 holes (pushing up hills was not natural). The X4R is just like having a caddy, and walking is very natural, like the pros. I played 2 days in a row, and I had some foot pain during the last few holes! Playing 36 holes in a weekend walking was something I never thought I could do again. My resolution is to walk at least 3 times each week, even if for only 9 holes each time. The workmanship on the cart is great, and very easy to both setup, and carry. I still can't believe this product is so easy to maneuver, it was fun directing it around the greens or taking my putter, and sending the cart on to the next tee.... My playing partners are impressed, and a couple are looking to purchase their own. 3 or us are in our 60's, and the other in late 50's. I'm pressing them for better health, and enjoyment. Thanks again for selling a Great product, and delivering in !! This will help me stay healthy and active in the coming years!" "TJ J., Newman, GA; (February 2011)

"I just bought a Bat Caddy and used it twice this week-end for two rounds of golf and it was TERRIFIC! I would welcome the opportunity to write something as a reviewer. My wife and I are golf fanatics (living in Virginia and playing about 200 rounds a year if you count 9-hole rounds on summer evenings and 18 ever Saturday and Sunday irregardless of the weather). We have two golf Segways, our own enclosed golf cart with a cover, and the Bat Caddy meets my needs the best of walking in all types of weather and not having to carry clubs. Thank you for making my golf so healthy and enjoyable!" Gary R., Richmond, VA (January 2011)

"Your product arrived in great shape. I have used it three times, and it looks and works great. Plenty of power for the hilly courses I play. I get many complements on its' looks and functionality. It is easier to set up than my old pull cart, and takes up very little room in the truck." Joe F., Arroyo Grande, CA (December 2010)

"I wanted to write to commend your company on its very good customer service. The telephone representative who helped me was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I hope my kudos get attributed to the right person. I very much appreciated the extra effort he and everyone else put into getting my order processed and shipped quickly enough that it should arrive before Christmas. Quality employees are invariably the mark of a quality company. The service and attention to detail I received makes me feel confident that the products associated with your company will also be first rate. I am looking forward to my Bat-Caddy's arrival and presenting it to someone I KNOW will be very, very appreciative of it. Thank you and your company for ensuring that would happen. I can assure you that I will be the Bat-Caddy spokesman at my club. Be prepared for more orders!" Mark A., San Jose, CA (December 2010)

"Looking forward to a great future of golf with my Bat-Caddy. FYI, three other members of our club have purchased the Bat-Caddy X3R in the past month. One gentleman did all the research and found that the Bat-Caddy had the best value (quality, functionality and cost.) About 65% of our members walk our two private courses and I expect that after they see how walking becomes a bit more easy with the Bat-Caddy more may opt for remote controlled push carts." Tom W., Wallace, NC (December 2010)

"Thought you might like to hear the kitchen research generated over the past month while using my new Bat-Caddy X4R. First off, I am very satisfied with the unit, and although it took three curb tumbles as a result of too much speed and too sharp a turn, all is well! One of the ongoing dynamics when I worked at a major consumer goods company was the product development tension between form and function versus fashion. I'm not so sure we ever got it perfect but the debate was helpful and always useful. What surprises me most about the unaided feedback I have received from others is the overwhelming number of compliments I get regarding its style versus inquiries about performance. People like the way it looks. Eventually they get around to asking me about features or options and how it performs but in an almost 10 to 1 ratio the first thing anybody ever says is how attractive the unit is." Gordon S., San Rafael, CA; (November 2010)

"The commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction at SpaCom LLC and the Bat-Caddy Division is beyond superlative. I can say no more except thank you for that and for my excellent Bat-Caddy product." Tom C., Atascadero, CA (November 2010)

"I bought a Bat-Caddy X4R this summer. Everyone that sees it comments on how cool it looks. My wife and her friend have Club Runner carts and they continue to be amazed how quiet the X4r is. It never acts like it is going to run out of battery. And on top of that it is really fast. Thanks again." Charlie B., Gary, IN (November 2010)

"I thank you for your excellent service. I am enjoying the golf and the cart. I guess the season will soon be over for this year! Again thanks for the great service" Mario C., Ontario, CAN; (October 2010)

"I wouldn't even consider the Kangaroo, Bag Boy, or PowaKaddy because of styling. I think the Bat-Caddy balances performance/price and styling extremely well. What it allows me to do it walk the golf course erect rather than bending forward as I pushed my Sun Mountain around." Gordon S., San Rafael, CA (October 2010)

"Thanks for your prompt attention to my call. Since receiving my Bat-Caddy, last May, I have been walking 18 holes routinely. This obviously has provided a motivation for my golf game as well as my fitness. Your product has been extremely dependable on some very hilly courses. Thanks again." Joseph B., Wilton, CT (October 2010)

"I just received a spare part I ordered, and it is better than the one on my original caddy. Thank you and your Co. for the prompt and courteous service. I am very pleased with the performance of my Bat-Caddy and a few of my buddies are ordering one for next year." Walt C., Johnstown, PA (October 2010)

"BUY THIS CART!!! No, I don't have any kinship to Bat Caddy, so I assure you this review is completely unbiased. Save yourself some time researching the difference caddies I've already done that! I've spent a lot of time on the net, and looking through golf magazines and can't find a better machine for the cost. You could spend over $2,000.00, and still not get what these can do! I recently sold my first Bat Caddy X3R cart to a friend who's enjoying it, and I just got my second one. These machines are stable, the remote is very useful, it's compact (it fits into the trunk of my 1993 BMW Z3), takes less than 5 minutes to put the wheels on and go. It's durable and even when I've had a minor problem, these guys back their product up with great service. Order one now, get some exercise, enjoy your round more, and be the envy of others at your course. Be prepared, you'll get hazed a bit at first... but they'll all be jealous of your technology within a couple of rounds! :)" Dr. Clark B., Bloomington, Indian(September 2010)

"I just wanted to let you know what GREAT service we received from your Service Department. I would be glad if you used the statement on the website - it's nice to work with a company that takes care of its customers in a prompt and courteous manner." Mary L., Pensacola, FL (September 2010)

"I have been enjoying my new Bat-Caddy all season. It's probably the best investment I've made in golf! Thanks so much for a great product! Carol H., Franklin, WI (September 2010)

"Got my Bat-Caddy X3R on Thursday and played 18 holes Saturday just to get to know each other. I played my weekly Sunday afternoon game today in 101 degree heat and never felt better at end of 18 holes. The front 9 I attempted to control the B-C with only the remote control and had a 40 but on the back 9 I went to controlling the B-C mainly with my hand on the handle along with some remote sending of the B-C on to the next tee box and shot a 32 so more handle control was my optimum method. The B-C handled our rough terrain without incidence and went up Heartbreak Hill and Suicide Hill without hesitation. First time I have hit those tee shots without being out of breath. After two rounds you have a definite convert!" Dennis C., Cisco, TX (August 2010)

"I received my Bat Caddy last week and used it this weekend. The assembly was a breeze and no problems were experienced. The shipper must have treated it pretty tough, but the foam did a great job of protecting the caddy. On the course it did everything I expected. We have a hilly course and it went up and down the hills very well. Thank you for all the accessories also they all worked well. And a few friends now will be looking into the Bat Caddy. "Mike V. Harrisonburg VA (August 2010)

"I love my new Bat-Caddy X3R! I played 2 rounds so far and it is fantastic. It set up very easily right out of the box. I was hoping to give it a test run at the local park but I ended up getting an early tee time the next day after delivery and I can honestly say it is very easy to use. I love walking off the greens and not having to go retrieve my old push cart. It really keeps you in the flow of your game. The remote control is small enough to fit in any pocket. This was a great investment in my health and golf game. Thanks for offering a great product!" Tom Z., Eatontown, NJ (August 2010)

"I've had my Bat-Caddy X4R for a couple of weeks now and I must tell you how pleased I am with it. When I felt comfortable with the machine, I took the Bat-Caddy to my "home" course, which has the word "mountain" in its name because it's mountainous. I first took the Bat-Caddy out on the front nine. It performed beautifully on all the steep slopes there but the back nine is even steeper and more difficult than the front nine, and I was especially concerned about how the machine, and I, would function on the 13th hole, which is known as "Coronary Hill." Well, on Coronary Hill, the Bat-Caddy surpassed my very high expectations of it. Not only did it take to that hill like a mountain goat, but when my tobacco damaged lungs were about to give out, the Bat-Caddy seemed to be encouraging me to hang in there because it gently pulled me up that hill. Yes, the motors on those two drive wheels are strong enough to tug my 165 pounds up that hillside. What a terrific machine!" Thomas C.; Atascadero, CA (August 2010)

"Bat-Caddy Staff: I just received my XR4 cart and am thrilled with it. It is beautifully designed and strongly built, easy to operate at an affordable price. I think it is the best value of all the remote controlled electric carts on the market. This cart enabled me to finally walk my very hilly northern California course after riding over the past 18 years. To be able to walk this course, unencumbered by my golf bag was joyous. It is even powerful enough to pull me up the steep grades to conserve energy! This is the best golf equipment purchase that I have ever made." Jim G., Burlingame, CA (July 2010)

"Ron, I just wanted to let you know that the new battery charger works great and I wanted to tell you thanks for the great customer service you provide. I do tell my friends how great your customer service is. Everyone we dealt with in your company is great to work with. Thanks again." Scott R., Cornwell, AZ (July 2010)

"I just purchased and received my Bat Caddy X3R and it was a breeze to put together, and it performed flawlessly. Our course is pretty hilly but it was no problem for the X3R. Your promotion with all the free extras which included the umbrella holder, scorecard/ball holder, cover, and seat, was one of the reasons I purchased this cart. The main reason for my purchase was the three modes of operation especially the free wheeling mode. I bought a Kangaroo motorized cart 15 years ago and enjoyed it very much but it did not have a remote control and if the battery died, you could not push it easily because it was still connected to the gears. It also had 6 pieces to assemble and yours has only 2 after initial setup. I average 80 rounds a year and because of a back problem, I cannot use a pull cart. I was forced to pay $8 to $15 a round for a gas cart. You can do the math and see that the payback will be less than a year. I also play better when I walk because it takes longer to get to my ball than when I'm in a gas cart. You know how frustrating it can be to hit ball then drive in your gas cart only to have to wait to hit your next shot. Now I can get into a rhythm and also get much more exercise. It's a win-win situation. Thanks again for a great product!" Rick E., Oregon, OH (July 2010)

"I have used the Bat-Caddy X3R twice on hilly W. PA courses and it has climbed every hill well. So far I am very pleased. Thank you!" Artie D., Pittsburgh, PA (June 2010)

"My Bat-Caddy arrived yesterday afternoon. Everything was very much appreciated and your customer service was great. I don't experience that often with online purchases. I own 4 businesses with over 100 staff and I wish everyone had what it takes to make it work. Thanks again" Tim P., London, ON (June 2010)

"I finally received my new X4R Bat Caddy yesterday and used it for the first time today. The reviews were right. It's fantastic. Tracks great, Handles the bag load fine. Smooth operation. I really do love this Caddy. Played 18 holes in 97 degree heat with probably 60% humidity and made it in 3.5 hours and minimal exertion compared to my push cart. My golfing party was most impressed. All wanted to know what type of cart this was and where did I get it. Might turn into a couple of additional orders. THANKS!" Tom C., Houma, LA (June 2010)

"Gentlemen, just a note of thanks for all involved in my issue. Ron could not have been easier to deal with or more helpful. Please acknowledge this to him for me. Being in the customer service business, I realize that resolved issues are even more important than smooth sailing at the outset.

I am impressed with the resolution and will pass along good things about your product to all my golfin' buddies. It could not have gone any smoother" Ken B., Rochester, NY (June 2010)

"I just wanted to thank you again for the Bat Caddy X2 Pro that I purchased a few weeks ago. I wanted to let you know that I played Bethpage Black and the battery had at more than half its power left after I was done and then this week I played 36 holes at Timber Point (which is relatively flat) and the power was just less than half by the time I was done with both 18 hole rounds. Once again thank you and I just thought you should know that your batteries last even longer than you might have originally thought." Bryan O., Oakdale, NY (May 2010)

"Just a short note to say thank you. As you know my Bat Caddy went swimming... At your suggestion to work with Ron in your service center, I couldn't be more pleased. Ron has provided the best customer service that I have experienced in the last five years. He was very professional, courteous, and truly wanted to help... I commend him for his efforts. His actions reflect very positively on your company! I would and will recommend your product, and more importantly, your customer service to anyone. You have a customer for life and I wish you every success." Hugh S., Carlisle, PA (May 2010)

"I recently had the good fortune to have purchased a Bat-Caddy X3R just before a recent two day Ryder Cup event, that was played in the rain. The many features of the Bat-Caddy contributed to my success of winning all the points in three out of four of my matches and going all square in the fourth. Our course is very hilly and I had some concern that the X3R might slip and slide on the wet grass, but to my surprise and delight it held firm and navigated even the steepest slopes handily...many times the cart was literally plowing through an inch or more of water that was running in the fairways. The umbrella holder was very beneficial during the steady and sometimes pouring rain. The other carts did not have a latch feature in their umbrella holders and those golfers had trouble with their umbrellas from being blown out of their holders by the wind...not a problem with the Bat-Caddy holder. At the end of each day the other golfers, even those riding in carts because of the cart path only conditions were exhausted but I felt great and could have played more holes. In the past, even in dry conditions, I would find myself very tired with my feet hurting after 36 holes of pulling my "former" cart around the course, now I find that I can play additional holes if I wish and the foot pain is gone. Thank you Bat-Caddy for increasing my enjoyment of the greatest game even more. Sincerely." Rich T., Asbury, IA (May 2010)

"The Bat Caddy X4R has caused quite a stir at my home course since I unveiled it. One of my playing partners had gone to your website to research the X4R prior to my receiving mine and was impressed enough that he actually ordered one for himself after seeing my X4R in action for the first time! Many other golfers have seen my Bat Caddy buzzing around with me and are amazed at the X4R's dazzling performance! It really is a terrific motorized pull cart. The remote control feature is what sets it apart from older, more expensive, versions. So useful and easy to operate! One thing I hadn't really anticipated was the dramatic effect the X4R has on my energy level during my rounds. I have degenerative disc disease in my lower back that makes it difficult for me to stay loose during my rounds if I ride in a cart. Pushing a cart allows me to walk (which I prefer anyway), but I always feel like I have taken about 10 rounds of body shots from George Foreman near the end of my rounds. Lots of bogies from fatigue on holes 14-18, looking back. Three hours after my rounds, I could barely move I was so sore the majority of the time. If it's windy and/or wet out on the course (here in Chicago that's common), my body feels even worse! Since introducing my X4R into my game, I not only have zero fatigue at the end of my round, I have easily gone 27 holes both times! In cold, windy conditions no less! Now I have to find an extra set of playing partners so I can regularly go 36. Pity me, right? I could go on, but you get the point. The Bat Caddy X4R is a terrific product and has greatly enhanced my golfing experience!" Bryan D., Lake Bluff, IL (April 2010)

"Thanks very much and I will continue to advertise this great product as I walk the course. I get all kind of looks and everyone thinks it is the bomb. I still love to walk the course (49 yo) and after 2 back surgeries and 7 knee surgeries I can still play... shot 80 last week with a 16, 17, 18 finish of bogey par bogey after realizing in my mind that a par par par finish would have me shooting in the 70s... darn brain!! Thanks again!" Gregory T., Augusta, GA - Home of the Masters (April 2010)

"I received my Bat-Caddy X3 last week. Its been great! I'm 61 and it makes playing a round of golf much more fun. I have always loved to walk but hated carrying a bag or pushing a cart up hills. Now I can have the joy of walking and exercise without the pain of the heavy bag. The service was excellent and people at Bat-Caddy were great to work with. Thanks" Ronald C., Northfield, MN (April 2010)

"I ordered and promptly received a new Bat-Caddy X4R last week. After three rounds I am very happy with its performance! Prior to ordering the only reservation I had was not being able to find reviews on your products other than on your website. I was able to speak directly to a Bat-Caddy user who was very satisfied. I took the leap of faith and couldn't be more happy. The X4R was a present for my 51st birthday. I have always walked and carried my bag. Thanks to your product I hope to be walking the course for another 25 years." Bill G., Cincinnati, OH (March 2010)

"I am again very pleased with the service I get from from you and your company, I ordered the item I needed midday on Sunday and I received the order in the mail today Friday. It just does not get any better. Once again thank you for service and care of your customers!" David W, Pennville, IN; (March 2010)

"I'm still very happy with my Bat-Caddy. Again last year I posted more than 200 rounds and over 90% were with the Bat-Caddy. That means that over the past two seasons the Bat-Caddy has traveled in excess of ONE MILLION yards (620 MILES) with me in the hills of Western Pennsylvania and it's still going strong, quietly and obediently!" Joseph G., Pittsburgh, PA (March 2010)

"Another update on my X3R: LOVE the quiet of it - you really need to let folks know how quiet it is. I don't have to pause it when others are hitting, I can proceed along the course (being out of their way and line of sight, of course) knowing the noise of my cart won't disturb them. I've never seen/heard such a quiet power cart. Love how responsive the remote control is; I'm beginning to find the subtleties of working with it - big turns, small turn adjustments, etc. Love how I can manually walk with it - fits right into my hand to use the speed knob, my thumb available for stops. Love how it folds so flat and ease of moving it in and out of my trunk. Love the charger - reminds me of the brick on the power line to my laptop computer. A huge improvement over the trickle charger I used for my Lectronics Caddy." Candis C., Wales, MA (March 2010)

"My Bat-Caddy X3R just arrived. I am thrilled! I don't know how to articulate how impressed I am with the design - every little thing is so well thought through; it appears real care and cogency went into the design. It was a joy to assemble. My guess is that the engineers who designed this product are golfers themselves. Prior to BatCaddy, I used a "Lectronics Kaddy" for years (wore It out actually, since I walk 18 holes 3-4 times a week). BatCaddy is head and shoulders superior in design and convenience! Thanks so much - please share my praise with everyone on your team." Candis C., Wales, MA (February 2010)

"I love to walk and hate to push or pull while I'm doing it. The BatCaddy does a marvelous job and I love playing golf with it. Two of my golf partners own electric remote controlled carts that cost over 2 1/2 times as much as the BatCaddy and they don't seem to do any better job. Thank you again for your support and a wonderful product!" Mark R., Oxnard, CA (February 2010)

"I received my Bat Caddy X2 Pro the very end of Dec and have used it 4 times since it arrived. Wanted you to know that I REALLY like it. It works as advertised! Our course is relatively flat and it maneuvers very well on the inclines that we have. So glad I checked out your site. In fact this replaced a Hill Billy that was about 10 years old and it's so much nicer. And special thanks to Ron in maintenance who assisted both my husband and me. It's nice doing business with a company like yours." Mary L., Pensacola, FL (January 2010)

"I received my Bat-Caddy X3R last Friday and everything was perfect! I charged the battery and checked it indoors (because of the snow). I am eager to use it on the golf course in Spring. I am sure that my fellow golfers will ask about it! Thank you again. This transaction was perfect to me!" Guy V., Carleton, QC (January 2010)

"I hope you're selling lots of Bat-Caddies. I certainly tell all of my friends about the product. I have been responsible for 2 people ordering a Bat-Caddy. Thanks again for a great product. It's the best purchase I've ever made. I love my Bat-Caddy!" Jim H., Rancho Cucamonga, CA (December 2009)

"I wanted to reply to indicate why I purchased your product. First I was impressed with your website and the description of your product. Second the special pricing and free shipping caught my eye. But the thing that moved me to buy was the free accessories. Seems like a great deal on an excellent product. Keep up the good work!" Crady A., Vinton, VA (December 2009)

"I have to say that assembling and operating this Bat-Caddy seems fairly intuitive. A testament to the design. I look forward to its maiden voyage." Jeanie A., Columbia, SC (December 2009)

"Thanks for all your help with our orders. All have arrived as promised. The Bat-Caddy runs like a charm. I was surprised & pleased to see the seat was included. Great idea. We'll be three healthier happier golfers next year thanks to you folks at Bat-Caddy!" Rita S., Fairfield, CT (November 2009)

"Overall I'm very pleased with the Bat-Caddy. Battery life is excellent. The ease of assembly is a real plus." Bob R., Greensburg, PA (October 2009)

"I just want to let you know that I received my Bat-Caddy back today and am very satisfied with the work that was done. They did an excellent job of making the necessary repairs in such a short time. I have never received better repair service from the many companies that I have dealt with. Your company is the best as far as customer service is concerned! Thanks again!" Bernard O., Torrance, CA (September 2009)

"I do absolutely love the Bat Caddy X2 Pro, and all of my "Club Runner" friends are insanely jealous!! :>) I knew how much trouble my friends all had with their Club Runners, and I knew I did not want to go that route. I searched the internet, discovered Bat Caddy and studied your website. I was pretty well convinced that the product was good, but the testimonials I read are what "sealed the deal" for me." Bonnie P., Kearney, NE (September 2009)

"First of all, thank you for your speedy response. I have had both a Kangaroo Caddy and am replacing my Lectronic Caddy with this Bat-Caddy X3R. Your prompt attention so far is refreshing to me as a consumer! Please feel free to use my statement and name in any way that benefits your company" Donnie M., Florence, SC (September 2009)

"That's great service. Thank you! I hope you will be getting additional cart sales through our Club. I have been getting a lot of positive comments and questions about the Bat Caddy. In any case the Bat Caddy X3R is really fantastic; it makes walking a pleasure and I'm sure it will be a big part of increasing the longevity of my "Bionic" knees." Dave R., Mattapoisett, MA (August 2009)

"..I am still totally satisfied with my Bat-Caddy. I have probably used my X3R more in 7 months than most people will use it in 3 years. By now I have over 125 rounds on my cart. Even after paying for the cart, I have saved over $1000 in cart fees by now." Gene K, Rome, GA (August 2009)


"Now that I have become the talk of the club, I hope you receive many orders for your Bat Caddy. Other members and myself are amazed at the ease of operation, light weight, cost & overall function of the X3R." Ernie S., Kent, CT; (July 2009)

"...We have been using the X3R Bat-Caddy, and we are very happy, sincerely, we are pleased! I am sure that I recently sold a couple from our local golf course. They tested it out and seemed ready to close!" Michael C., Long Island, NY; (July 2009)

"Just a note to say how my spouse is enjoying the Bat-Caddy. It works well and has drawn the attention of others due to its more compact size. Even the attendants at the Pro Shop and storage appreciate it, since they find it easier to maneuver than other models. Our golf course is quite uneven with a lot of different elevations. The Bat-Caddy never hesitates. My wife is very happy to have it!" Doug G., Owen Sound, ON Canada; (June 2009)

"I certainly have a lot of confidence in the Bat-Caddy brand, and usually if I talk to folks, that is what they end up purchasing!" Tracy J., Golf Caddy Retailer, GolfPowerCarts, Houston, TX; (June 2009)

"...By the way, I ran into a fellow Bat-Caddy person and he loved his as well. Additionally, he said that the customer service was excellent which is what I have experienced as well." Brent S., Arlington, VA (June 2009)

"I am very happy with my shipment of the Bat-Caddy X3R. The product has certainly lived up to my expectations. It took a couple of times out to get a feel for the cart. The bag that you put on the cart should be equal in weight on each side so as to minimize the need to alter the direction of the cart. The battery never seems "to need" a charge, however, I charge it a couple hours after each round. Our course is hilly and it takes the hills with no problem. I also like the way you can adjust the speed. The first time out I didn't realize that if you hit the remote button several times it actually goes faster than you can walk - a great feature for me since I play rather fast. Also, the range of the remote allows me to leave my bag and go to the tee and still be able to direct the cart from over 100 yards away. Again, I am very satisfied with the product and would certainly recommend it for anyone who wants to free themselves of carrying a bag." Dick L., Wyantskill, NY (June 2009)

"...I love the X3R unit! I see others that guys paid a LOT more for and can't see what they do different than the Bat-Caddy" Jim M, Akron, OH (May 2009)

"I want to let you know that the Bat-Caddy is just what the doctor ordered for me. I have a friend that has tried several bargain carts with no satisfaction. After my research I ordered the Bat-Caddy X3R and I have now used it for three rounds. It is incredible! I can't tell if the battery has lost power after 18 holes and I have tried to make it turn over and it won't do it. Great value!" Bob S., Castle Rock, CO (May 2009)

"I would like you to know that your Service Manager took my call after hours yesterday while he was driving home, and was extremely helpful in trying to diagnose the battery issue with my older caddy. It is refreshing to run across an individual like him who seemed genuinely concerned about my problem and how to correct it. I thought you should be aware of this and that you have an employee of such high caliber." Bob W., Kansas City, MO (May 2009)

"I appreciate your willingness to satisfy your customers and your ability to respond to their inquiries so quickly. I have a friend here in Aiken, SC that will be placing an order with you soon as he has seen my two caddies in operation and I have told him about your great customer service. Again. thanks for backing your product so completely!" Dennis D., Aiken, SC (May 2009)

"I feel very strongly that the Bat-Caddy far outshines the expensive Kangaroo. I also feel as the other carts break down that the guys at my course will replace their carts with the Bat-Caddy. The other thing that I'm aware of is the replacement costs of any parts on the Kangaroo is very expensive. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Bat Caddy and the support that your company provides. Your support of the Bat-Caddy far exceeds all the other carts at my course. I would think that anyone that looked at the price of a Kangaroo vs. a Bat-Caddy wouldn't even consider purchasing the Kangaroo. You can purchase three Bat Caddies for the same price as the Kangaroo! Sincerely, Charlie K., Harrisonburg, VA (May 2009)

"I am in receipt of my new Bat-Caddy X3R electronic golf cart. I am extremely happy with the manner in which my order was processed and delivered. Assembly was completed in a matter of minutes and before you knew it, I was in the driveway on a "test run". Much to my surprise, accessories were also included!" Charles R., Montville, NJ (April 2009)

"I received and am very pleased with your X3R caddy. You even included the additional accessories that I wanted to trade in for the cost of my extra battery. You are truly representative of a customer oriented business... and to that I say thank you very much" Steve L., Madison, VA (April 2009)

"I played yesterday and one of my friends who enjoys walking and usually carries a "Sunday bag" was having some problems due to a recent illness. I suggested that I carry his bag for a few holes and he could "steer" my Bat-Caddy. He quickly got the hang of it and commented how it was a pretty cool idea. We talked after the round and I believe that he's seriously interested in the whole concept, as he has some health issues and we both enjoy walking. It is a walking game after all!" Wayne K., Cape Cod, MA (April 2009)

"All our customers are very happy with your product and customer service. We continue to push your caddies over other brands in our portfolio" Golf Caddy Retailer (March 2009)

"My husband received his gift, the Bat-Caddy X3R and has used it already on the course---he loves it and says that he is less tired walking 18 holes---I think you may be getting more orders---the guys yesterday were pretty interested--thanks so much! Now I want one-----maybe in awhile" Hillary W., Harrisonburg, VA (March 2009)

"Bat-Caddy... you are terrific! If I have an opportunity to recommend Bat-Caddy... you can bet I will. Thanks again for the great service" Tracey F., Pomona, CA (March 2009)

"I received my Bat-Caddy and was able to use it a couple of rounds this weekend. It is a great cart! I had purchased the Superbug and returned it. The Bat-Caddy cost me a little bit more but was worth every penny. The Bat-Caddy is a great cart for the price!" Gene K., Rome, GA (Feb. 2009)

"It is rare indeed that a company president takes the time to respond to customers; such dedication to good service will be long remembered and will certainly lead this customer to recommend you to all who will listen. Thank you again!" Bob F., Aiken, SC (Jan. 2009)

"You are truly an upstanding company who I like doing business with now and in the future! Not many companies in this time and age will try any harder to satisfy their customers. I started a painting business when I retired a couple of years ago, and this is the same attitude that I have with my customers. I don't leave until they are happy! Maybe someday I can meet you in person and shake your hand" Dean C., Lexington, KY (Dec. 2008)

"I play over 200 rounds of golf every year. At over 60 I feel that walking is the best exercise for my health. The Bat Caddy allows me to walk the course with the least amount pressure on my back. I've had back problems for over 40 years, and the electric cart is just the thing that one needs to cut out those steep climbs while pushing your cart up a hill. Most of the guys I play with have an electric cart of some nature, but they purchased at almost double the price of the Bat Caddy. Their carts are quite noisy in comparison to the Bat Caddy. This allows me to continue movement in most cases without disturbing another golfer getting ready to hit their shot." Charlie K., Harrisonburg, VA (Nov. 2008)

"Thanks for your help. Doing business with you is a pleasure!" Richard C., Seymour, TN (Nov. 2008)

"I've been walking the course for a while and cannot get over how much more energy it takes using a 3 wheel push cart and the toll that it takes on one's back, and in my case, my arthritic hip. My scores certainly reflect it, and I can't wait until tomorrow when I get to use my Bat-Caddy again. Using the Bat-Caddy is like taking a stress less walk in the park. I love using it!" Wayne K., Cape Cod, MA (Nov. 2008)

"Wow! Thanks so much. Your company has the best customer service, and you can use my testimonials any time!" Dan H.; Santa Rosa, CA (October 2008)

"Your service handling is greatly appreciated, and I will be letting people know that there are still some good folks out there..." Jim B; Asheville, NC (October 2008)

"Thank you for sending the part for my X3R and your advice in using it. I have read the many testimonials regarding the exceptional customer service your company provides and now I know why. I have never had this great service from any company, especially online service where you need to wait forever in getting any response. My Bat Caddy is beginning to be a big hit with my golf club and my golf mates are amazed at the sleek design and how well it operates, and the great price. ...so far the Bat Caddy has performed better than my expectations." Bernard O., Torrance, CA (October 2008)

"This is true story about my new Bat-Caddy X3R. I entered the USGA Public Links Qualifier tournament in June. It was a one day 36 hole event that allows pull carts. It was a perfect opportunity to find out the quality and strength of the Bat-Caddy. The X3R handled the first 18 holes without any problems. I brought my charger and plugged in the battery for about one hour between rounds and then started the second 18 holes. The charge lights on the Bat-Caddy never showed less then Full Charge and it performed perfectly without any problems. It's like having a caddy without the cost. Although my course includes the riding cart with the paid green fee I now prefer to walk with my remote controlled Bat-Caddy. Also, the caddy is so adjustable and easy to use. I have used other electric caddies but this is the first one that makes a huge difference in convenience and enjoyment. Congratulations on a great product!!." Dr. Rob I., Hillsborough, NJ (July 2008)

"I'm still very, very happy with my Bat Caddy X3R after more than 100 rounds since March and look forward to each day with it on the course. It's fun to use, it's helped me loose more than 20 pounds in two months and my handicap dropped six strokes in one two week period. Also, as always you responded to my order and questions more precisely and quickly than I expected - you always exceed expectation - Thank You!!!" Joe G., Pittsburgh, PA (June 2008)

"Thank you for your understanding. This is what customer service is all about. Making a superior product that enhances the golf experience by making it more enjoyable and adds so much value to every round. I appreciate your immediate response to every question and going beyond the call of duty. You really stand for the principle of complete customer satisfaction before profits!" Joe S., Tucson, AZ (May 2008)

"That is fantastic news that you managed to ship my X3R order in time for Mother's Day for my wife! I am amazed by your level of service, customer care and concern. I can almost guarantee that we will buy a second unit from you for Father's Day!" Rob C., Meredith, NH (May 2008)

"Thank you so much! Not only do you have a great cart but your customer support is outstanding! There is one fellow at our course who is very dismayed with his motorized cart from an outfit on the West Coast. He had trouble with the wheels on it and he can't get in touch with them anymore" Mark K., Paris, IL (April 2008)

"I wanted to let you know that I've gone out with the Bat-Caddy X3R a few times and am totally satisfied with it. Actually, it has generated quite a stir at my home course. You will be seeing more orders very soon." Rob S., Lexington, MA (April 2008)

"I managed to get out this past Sunday with my X3R and again the rest of my foursome could not stop admiring my Bat Caddy. My personal enjoyment only grows as I become more adept while operating the remote control feature. Now I know how the Pros feel as they stroll from the fairway directly to the green with only their putter in hand as the Bat Caddy rolls off to the side of the green to wait for me. What a pleasure it is to play a round without being tethered to a pull cart or the added walking to and from a gas cart as a result of the many "cart path only" courses! Thanks again for everything." Ken G., Wallington, NJ (April 08)

"I've played every day since 25 Mar 08 and I couldn't be happier with the Bat-Caddy X3R. It easily out performs my old Club Runner in speed, power, and quietness. You were correct about it's speed - I do have to break into a slow jog to keep up with it on the level when the rheostat is set to top speed. It easily handles the hilly holes at our Western Pennsylvania course and it's almost as much fun operating the Bat-Caddy around the course as it is to play golf. Last week I tested your claim that it could handle 27 holes in one day without a recharge. Today I played 36 holes and the performance on the 36th was as good as it was on the first..." Joseph G., Laughlintown, PA (April 2008)

"Your almost immediate reply to my voice mail shocked me. You really mean it when you say your company is customer oriented. I've played two rounds in two days, and I'm VERY, VERY happy with my Bat Caddy X3R. It performs as advertised and allows me to play as though a person were carrying my bag. Once my ball is on the green I grab my putter and send the BC toward the next tee. I found that after each shot it is best to aim it correctly and then send it off in front of me at near max speed. This enables me to walk (trying to keep up with it) toward my ball and keep an eye on it for directional adjustments. Even though the temp today is supposed to be in the low 40's and there's a chance of rain, I can't wait to finish lunch and get back to the course." Joe G., Pittsburgh, PA (March 2008)

"Once again thank you for your prompt attention to my questions and needs. Your customer service and post sales support are second to none. It is a pleasure to deal with a company and owner who displays good old values, such as trust, honesty, generosity and dedication to excellence!" John S., Somerset, NJ (Mar. 2008)

"Your professional, confident, knowledgeable and customer oriented demeanor, the absence of "salesman pushiness" and your timely and personal responses to my e-mails gave me the confidence in your company and product and led me to make the decision to buy a Bat-Caddy." Joseph G, Laughlintown, PA (March 2008)

"Wow!!! Got the first shipment of 3 X3R carts in on Thursday and as soon as I put them on the floor and showed what they can do they were sold! I think this is going to be a home run for us, our members and for you! What I would like to do is order 5 more units of the X3Rs immediately. Plus I would like to use one for myself." Jon S., Head Pro, Huntsville, AL (Feb. 2008)

"I have used my Bat-Caddy X3R now over 30 rounds and must say that it lived up to everything it was advertised for! In two months I lost 10 pounds and the Bat-Caddy probably added 5 years to my life. My wife is in love with it and two of my buddies intend to purchase one, too. I previously played with a riding cart and by saving the rental cart fees the Bat-Caddy has already paid for itself. Congratulations on a great product!" Hal D., Knoxville, TN (Feb. 2008)

"After several uses of our new Bat Caddy X3R, we are absolutely delighted with the product. Electric carts are very popular at our club and our Bat Caddy (the first at the club) has caused a tremendous stir. We would fully expect you to receive several orders in the not too distant future. In fact, our club professional has said he intends to visit with you and see if he might be able to make Bat Caddy available to our membership." Scott & Debbie F., Madison, AL (Jan. 2008)

"This is a very impressive caddy in terms of design, performance and quality. As a 20 year golf equipment sales professional and former Golf Pro I am not amused easily about any golf product but I am very impressed by the Bat-Caddy. What a value for the money!" Al S., Golf Pro & Sales Professional, Atlanta, GA (May 2007)

"Finding a fully remote controlled power golf cart for under $1000 is hard, but finding one that does not compromise quality to achieve a low price is impossible...or at least was until now! We have offered the Bat-Caddy hand controlled motorized carts since 2005 with terrific results. We are now thrilled to introduce the Bat Caddy X3R fully remote golf cart, loaded with features normally reserved for carts costing twice as much." Tracy J., Golf Retailer, Houston, TX (Apr. 2007)

"I’m now the proud owner of your Bat-Caddy X3R. I must say that it is indeed a well engineered apparatus. I’m just delighted with it and today I took it to my local golf course and tried it out with great success! I’m just delighted with this cart. It folds up so beautifully, is easy to load, is very compact and stylish and works like a dream. A friend I play with saw it today and his words were “I’m so jealous”. Well, I just bet you will get some other orders from Paris, IL when the rest of the gang sees this :o).... I know that one of my buddies has already placed an order and another one just visited me at home to take a close look at it and said he was going to order one too! It's a real elegant and functional design and your customer service is amazingly fast when it comes to any questions!" Mark K., Paris, IL (Jan. 2008)

"Richard loves his new X3R and I think another friend of mine will purchase one from you, too. I played with both of these fellows yesterday and by the end of the round, Richard and I were both fresh but Phil had to drag his cart around and was pretty much exhausted. That pretty much sold him; that and also seeing it go up the hills so easily Your cart design actually sells itself, you know. Also, your testimonial page speaks volumes, as well as the service. I am a structural engineer and I design the equipment used to construct large smoke stacks. My work entails inventing the equipment, then analyzing it and then detailing all the parts, nuts and bolts, etc. I have found that the easier a piece of equipment is to use combined with the fewer the moving parts usually requires the most thinking. You have certainly put a lot of thought into your design and I commend you for it." Mark K., Paris, IL (Jan. 2008)

"I am recommending you because of your outstanding responsiveness and attention to customer service. I usually do not like to buy things on the internet because of lack of service, but you have been amazing in responding to my questions and solving an initial issue!" TJ S., Spartanburg, SC (Jan. 2008)

"First let me say how good the new X3R caddy is. It works as described. I am happy with your product and I am recommending it to all my friends who should be walking as I do. Thank you for the great customer service. I think you all are great!" Daniel C., Medford, MA (May 2007)

"I was looking for a top of the line remote controlled caddy, and I started searching for it with the big guys. However, after everything I have heard and read, I have to say that your X3R is by far the most impressive and price competitive remote controlled caddy in the market" Joe N., Savannah, GA

"Thank you very much. I appreciate your quick reply and the new strap for my X2 Pro. I have to say the cart you manufacture and your quality of service has been AA Excellent!" Leonard B., Dartmouth, MA

"I purchased a Bat Caddy X3R in 2007 and have been very impressed by the performance of this electric cart. I play about 4-5 times a week, so it gets a lot of use. It has loads of power for the uphill climbs and is well balanced and folds easily. It is getting quite a bit of attention from fellow club members who have invested substantially more for their carts...." Connie W., Nova Scotia, Canada (June 2007)

"I am beyond middle age, I enjoy golf and am concerned at maintaining a reasonable level of fitness, good news, I now do both. I am the proud owner of the Bat Caddy X3R, electric golf cart with remote control. I am free to walk the course without pushing, pulling or carrying, my body shape is changing as I get fitter, I am more flexible and hit the ball a little further, three strokes have disappeared, what more can I ask for? Beyond the obvious, my cart also has the seat accessory for handy storage of essentials and a convenient resting place when waiting on the tee. My only regret is that I did not get this wonderful equipment 10/20 years ago, if I had, both my handicap and waist measurement would be lower. This is a great investment for all golfers, one that repays many ways." John S., Somerset, NJ (May 2007)

"I wanted to express my great pleasure having had to deal with two very small issues with my new Bat-Caddy. First of all, I love the unit ! Secondly your level of cooperation and after sales support has been second to none! I asked for a replacement charger and same was delivered in 3 days. I had a small plastic seal that fell off the axle area and this too was replaced in a matter of days ! This is great service ! Thanks in advance for your support and I hope that I do not have to call upon you any time soon , but i do know that if I have to I will be looked after. Well done!" Steve S., Montreal, QC, Canada (July 2007)

"I received my Bat-Caddy X3R. Used it and it is terrific. Everything you say about it is true and more." Jack S., Mashpee, MA

"I am enjoying my "Bat Caddy X2 Pro" very much. A few fellow golfers have remarked how compact it looks compared to others in the club. When I finish golfing I disconnect the battery and fold the cart in one move and place them in my vehicle. I have seen other golfers with batteries twice as large as mine & twice as heavy removing wheels and going through what is sometimes appears to be complicated disassembly. After 18 holes the battery is fully charged in just over 2 hours which I think is admirable. So all in all I am very pleased with my "Bat-Caddy" I definitely recommend it to my fellow golfers." Jim M., British Columbia, Canada (June 2007)

"I want to congratulate you on the way you're handling my warranty issue. Before I retired I was in the position of buying plastic injection molds that cost anywhere's from $100,000 to $1,000,000. I always rated my vendors by quality and "how they reacted to a problem with one of their molds". I always believed how much a company backs their product is what separates the good companies from the bad. If you were building molds and I was still working you'd definitely be on my preferred list." Courtney G., Waterford, WI (May 2007)

"What a nice unit! Solid and powerful. It took me a bit to get accustomed to the steering and speed controls, but once educated, it was a joy to use." Emerson T., Morrison, CO (June 2007)

"I finally got to take my new Bat Caddy X2 Pro out for its first official run yesterday. We played a course in Gilroy California called Eagle Ridge, a Johnny Miller course. It is a very hilly course and there are some long distances from green to the next tee, thus, a course I never walk. I figured it would be a good test for the Bat Caddy. I give the X2 Pro an "A" for its performance. The cart handled any difficult terrain and any hill it had to. I found the controls very simple and effective. I have never actually used an electric power-assisted cart before, so I wasn't sure quite how I would control the speed. With your cart, my hand held the handle gently while my index finger fine-tuned the speed when necessary. On any long, level straightaway, I just got the Caddy going at the right speed and walked along next to it. It was an excellent hike without having to kill myself pushing anything up a hill. And it does seem to me that a rear-wheel driven cart is likely to climb steep and sometimes slippery hills better than models like the Sun Mountain which pull with a front wheel drive. The Bat-Caddy is a winner and is also very competitively priced!" Dr. David S., M.D. , San Jose, CA (Feb 2007)

"I love your Bat-Caddy X3R! Thanks for your very prompt reply to my questions. I really appreciate your great customer service!" Stephen S., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I own a Kangaroo Hillcrest but I am extremely impressed with your remote controlled X3R which is lighter, more compact, more high tech looking and has more functionality at a fraction of the price of my Kangaroo! Where have you been when I purchased it?" Phil S., Franklin Square, NY (visitor at the 2007 New York Golf Expo) (January 2007)

"We looked at every caddy at the 2007 PGA Show and your models are by far the most impressive and competitive products as far as features, performance, design and price point are concerned. I can't wait to get them into my stores!" Mark M., Tupelo, MS, Golf Retailer (Jan. 2007)

"Your caddies are actually designed as electric push carts as opposed to some of the large companies which are now entering the business and whose products seem to be merely a retrofitted version of their regular push carts" Michael N., St. Petersburg, FL, Golf Retailer (Jan. 2007)

"I love the design of the X2 Pro, not only for its cool looks but also for its great weight distribution which makes turning easy while it still tracks straight like an arrow. The rear wheel drive of the Bat-Caddy X2 Pro is the only way to go! I do not understand why you would have a front wheel drive with all the weight on the front wheel when you need to lift this wheel in order to turn the caddy. Not only requires it a lot of power to lift it, but the wheel also spins and loses traction going uphill. Someone must have been dreaming at Sun Mountain!" Bruce B. San Mateo, CA (Jan 2007)

"After 2 1/2 years it's still a great product!" (2007) Philip D., Lake Forest, Illinois (2007)

"Don't try this at home.... Just about a week ago my friend who owns a "Bat-Caddy" was about to tee off on the 17th when the cart took a nice big plunge into the lake that was ten yards down and away from the tee box. He wasn't watching and it completely sunk to the bottom in about 4 feet of water. I was there and helped he and another golfer that was following our foursome fish it out. We watched as many of his tees floated away into the lake, even a sleeve of balls floated for awhile and then sank to the bottom, which by the way was about 20 feet deep just another foot or two from shore. The Bat-Caddy itself was almost lost after he unstrapped the bag. It was a steep incline to the bottom and it didn't take but a miraculous grab to catch it at the last second to save it from permanent deep sinking. As you can imagine everything was soaked. Bubbles came up and kept coming up until the whole outfit sat at the inclined bottom for a couple of minutes. Some thought it hilarious, some of us tried to save his stuff...but it was funny:-) He is a trooper, and so he finished 17 and 18, clubs slipping in his hand, bogeying the last two to finish the round at 79! But the Caddy was really on his mind as he pushed it toward the clubhouse for a good hosing down. Well I helped, cleaned all the clubs, hosed out the bag, then I took the Bat-Caddy home with me and let it dry out for a couple of days, went to an auto parts store, got some new fuses for it as the one that was in it blew out, and had the battery checked for charge.

"What a great product! You should be very happy...my buddy is! Best Wishes, Glenn L., Golf Pro, Miami, Florida" (2006)

"The Bat Caddy motorized golf cart is the power golf cart we found at the end of a long search for a value priced powered golf push cart that did not compromise quality. The Bat Caddy's lightweight alloy frame houses quality polymer components, an easy two step, one click set up design, a whisper quiet yet powerful and efficient motor, and one of the lightest batteries in its class. The fit and finish of the Bat Caddy is excellent and the attention to detail is obvious. We have seen quite a few “cheap” motor caddies which are little more than retrofitted push carts, but they didn’t pass our smell test. The Bat-Caddy was the first we found in its price class that exceeded our high expectations." Tracy J., Golf Retailer, Houston, TX (2005).