An Interview with BATCADDY Ambassador Michelle Piyapattra

Welcome back to Walk-Around with BATCADDY. In this issue we walk with BATCADDY Ambassador, Michelle Piyapattra, who has been playing golf since she was 5 years old. She was recruited to play Division I golf at Columbia University in New York where she went on to win 6 individual titles and earned First-Team All-Ivy three times as well as Ivy League Player of the Year. During her senior year, she won her first professional event on the Canadian Tour as an amateur. She has maintained full status on the Epson Tour for the last 6 years and in 2016 won the Annika Elite Academy Award. In 2015, she was selected to be in's "Most Beautiful Women in Golf" article. She has played in multiple LPGA events and when she's not on the road, she loves to spend time at home playing golf with friends and family and participate in pro-am's and charity golf tournaments.

How long have you been playing golf and why do you love the game?
I started when I was 5 when my dad took me to the range with him. I love that golf brings people together and is a sport anyone can pick up at any time in their life. It is also a sport where you always have something to work on because it's ultimately a competition against yourself. It also teaches integrity, patience, and perseverance.

Have you always been active from a lifestyle standpoint? And what sports did you play?
I grew up playing tennis and basketball as well and enjoyed doing outdoor activities with my parents. I also have 3 dogs and so I'm constantly taking them outside on walks.

How many rounds do you play per week?
I play usually 4-5 rounds a week during tournament season and when I'm home, I play about twice a week.

Do you always walk golf when you practice?
I usually do when I'm practicing by myself since I like to have my clubs with me and be able to go up and around the greens but if I'm with my friends, we all tend to take a cart.

How would you compare walking to riding?
I prefer to walk because I think there's a better rhythm when you walk and play because there's not as much waiting around.

You mention speed of play. Can you elaborate?
I, myself, am a fast player but obviously I understand slow play can happen so rather than waiting and sitting around in a cart. I like to walk and play instead; it creates a more consistent speed and tempo.

So you're getting a workout along the way?
Yes, I think walking while playing golf is some of the best exercise you can get, you are able to take your time and just enjoy and live in the moment. Not to mention, it gives you time to look at your surroundings and I think helps improve your mood.

When is your next tournament?
I am currently enjoying my off season at home and probably won't play in a event until next year when the new schedule is released.

Anything you would like to close with?
I'd like to add that having played golf all my life, I've recently had back issues these last few years and am not able to carry my bag as much because of lower back issues that are quite common among golfers. Even though I am not injured, I don't like to carry since its tenses up my shoulders, neck, and back and restricts my golf swing. Therefore, I usually use a push cart when I am walking and playing, but having the Batcaddy has made everything so much easier and enjoyable since now I'm not hunched over pushing my cart, I am able to just walk and work on my posture while controlling the Batcaddy with a remote.

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