Happy Fathers Day!

I wanted to write this week's post in advance of Father's Day and thank my Dad. Of all the things that I am grateful to my dad for, one of the biggest is him taking me out on the course at an early age, and showing me how much fun this game can be. Some of my earliest memories are pushing or carrying my dad's clubs around the course with him and his friends. My dad is blind in one eye so has no depth perception. This taught me early to trust your club and hit the yardage. He also taught me how to have fun on the course and cherish the time we have out there, whether with old friends or new playing partners. More than anything, I just liked spending time and hanging out with my dad.

The cool part of life is that I get to be a dad now too. My oldest son who just graduated High School does not play anymore, but some of our best memories are heading out on an early Sunday morning to walk the back nine at our local course together. Watching balls disappear into the fog, those dew trails on the first putts of the day, watching him get excited about hitting shots out of the sand, and the absolute quiet when seeing coyotes, rabbits and deer, are just a few of the things that I will carry forever.

My oldest daughter is not a huge golf fan but I get her out there every now and then. My youngest son just turned 5 and has proclaimed that he wants to be a golfer when he grows up "just like his dad". Now I am not sure he wants the slice I have but it is awesome to see him get excited about the game and all of the things that make it so challenging and rewarding at the same time. My youngest is 2 and she is already swinging a mean Nerf driver.

I am so grateful to be a father and watch these kiddos grow up. And now that my oldest is on his way out into this big world all on his own, I get to watch with excitement (and a little trepidation) as he finds his way and hopefully one day, gets to be a father too.

So, to all you fathers out there, thank you for all the amazing things you have given and taught us. Without you there would be no us, and hopefully we are making you proud as we walk through each day. Happy Father's Day!

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