The Silent Factor of Success

The U.S. Open is here! It's been 34 years since it was hosted by The Country Club - A Course built with immense history. Developed in the late 1800's, The Country Club, Brookline, has hosted some of the biggest tournaments in golf, including the U.S. Amateur in 1934. It's ninety years later and we are soon to witness the best players in the world, playing their best golf, on a course that was built, and shaped, with shovels and pickaxes. So what's it going to take to win on a course that pays homage to the days of old? A course that features rocky terrain and steeply sloped greens.

It goes without saying, if you want to win one of the most prestigious tournaments in golf, you'll need to have a full bag of shots, dealing with long tight fairways, deep roughs, and fast greens. You'll have to keep your cool, and maintain your focus, under a level of pressure that cannot be replicated. And while these attributes are indisputable, there's one additional element we often overlook, that being fitness.

That's right, fitness. We don't think much of it. Let's face it, cable channels cut to commercial breaks as players walk from shot-to-shot, but don't be fooled, it's not easy. These players are logging in 5-7 miles per round, for up to four days straight. And don't forget the elevation of the course. This year at Brookline, The Country, we're looking at a total ascent of roughly 102m.

So, while we enjoy the US Open this year, watching some of the best, at their best, let's not underestimate the level of fitness required to succeed. Let's realize that while we're stepping away from the TV, grabbing a snack, or channel surfing, during the commercial, they're walking down the fairway, analyzing the situation, and visualizing that next shot!

As we close out this post, do you find yourself playing better golf when you're fit? As you tune in June 16-19, ask yourself, how would I be holding up? Could I maintain my level of play while walking four rounds in four days? For those who are doing it already, we would love to hear from you! Let's continue to inspire walking golf together.

Enjoy the tournament!


  • Peg Hatfield

    Love my Bat Caddy. Makes playing 18 like a beautiful walk in the park!

  • Michael Combs

    I am a 81 year old golfer, who believes walking is an integral part of the golf game. The heath aspects of being in nature by walking is undeniable. My Batcaddy allows me to walk 18 holes, without experiencing any low back pain that I used to have, whenever I pushed a normal hand golf cart. Without the low back my golf scores improved by 3 shots per round.

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