The Story of BATCADDY: A Three Part Series - Part Three

Part 3: The Future

As we conclude our story of BATCADDY, we thought it would be fitting to provide a glimpse into the future, as well as, step back and share some key learnings from the past 18 years. Threaded into the conversation, Peter introduces a new brand to the mix, a compliment to BATCADDY, where walking golf meets German engineering!

It’s been an absolute pleasure sharing our story and we hope you’ve enjoyed it as well. We are driven to provide you, our BATCADDY Community, with reliable product and service you can trust. We thank you for your support and look forward to servicing you for years to come. Thank you.

With that said, let’s get into Part 3 of our story with Founder, and CEO, Peter Hanneforth. Enjoy!

What does the vision of BATCADDY look like in the future?
Our vision will remain the same. We will continue to support "Walking Golf" by offering technically state-of-the-art, high quality electric golf caddies at value price points with industry leading customer service and after-sales support. We are providing a golf caddy solution for any course for any budget.

Where do you see technology advancing with electric golf caddies?
There are many electronic "gimmicks" nowadays to lure in potential customers. As with many things sometimes less can be more! You don't want to deal with a complex electronic device and potential defects resulting in annoying service & repair scenarios while you are trying to focus on your golf game. Theoretically you could electronically measure distances, temperature, wind speed and direction, altitude or any other parameter which could have an impact on your shot while blasting your favorite music from a blue tooth speaker.... but is that really how the game of golf was meant to be played? It's all about "feeling" the course, being in tune with nature and your game and not being distracted by technology overload. Our recipe remains the right mix of compactness, light weight, quality, ease-of-use, customization, economic value and after-sales support.

BATCADDY introduced the custom program this year - Is there anything else in your back pocket for '22?
We will continue to provide our customers with unique and customizable solutions in the electric golf caddy space. We are also the North American distributor of the renowned and prestigious German JuCad (pronounced "YouCad") brand ( These are very high end electric trolleys made out of carbon fiber or titanium, state of the art miniaturized electric motor and Lithium battery technology, packaged in multiple award winning minimalistic European style design. Think about brands like Porsche or Mercedes to compare JuCad's standing in the highly evolved European electric golf caddy market. It’s a brand we’re excited about growing alongside BATCADDY.

What are your top 3 lessons learned over the past 18 years with BATCADDY and business in general?
As with any successful business you need a compelling and realistic vision, perseverance and hard work, continuous adapting to changing conditions and of course a little bit of luck:-) It's easy for others from foreign lands who sat on the sidelines for decades to enter the market once it had become attractive. Bat-Caddy remains the innovator and risk taker who has developed the US market since 2004 when very few golfers here even knew what an electric golf caddy was or what it can do. I hope that many more golfers can appreciate our efforts and support us. Many thanks to the large community of Bat-Caddy customers who have done that so far!

As we close out this story - What words of advice would you offer anyone in your shoes back in 2004?
Don’t be afraid to take a risk, after all "The greatest Risk in Life is not taking one."


  • Alex

    Inspiring. Enjoyed reading all 3 parts.

  • John Sumner

    I remember meeting Peter at the North East golf show in Somerset NJ, a long time ago, possibly 2005, I purchased an X3 with a few of the accessories, it was still going strong in 2012, when I chose to upgrade. I passed on the X3 to a friend and it is still going strong

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