The Wait is Over! Meet the All New X9R Carbon!


We are excited to introduce the X9R Carbon, our lightest, most stable, remote-control Caddy to date. The anticipation was building, but it's finally here, and our VP of Marketing, Paul Guzman, wasted not a moment to get it in the course. Featuring an all new Ultra-Lightweight, Carbon Stealth Frame Design, we set out to take the walking golf experience to a new level, from weight and stability to control and reliability, and it's now been put to the test.

With that said, we circled up with Paul after 36 holes with the new X9R Carbon. Let's hear what he had to say about his experience!

Let's get straight to it, how was your round with the X9R Carbon?
It's awesome! I've gotten to play a couple rounds with it now and even though my golf game has been up and down in those rounds, the X9R has exceeded my expectations. While some of the changes we made in this model may seem minor, when they are all put together it creates an exciting new level for us in performance and ease of use. It's our lightest Caddy to date, and also has an inset battery design so you don't have to remove it for packing in the car. This made it easy and fast to set up and pack. On the course it handles extremely well. The new design has our widest wheelbase, and the center of gravity has been changed so it's really stable and maneuverable. We've also upgraded this model to a 24v Power Package, extending our battery life, which is already the best in the business. And this model also includes an electronic parking brake so you don't have to be quite as diligent about where you park it while your lining up that birdie putt!

What inspired the design of the X9R Carbon?
We listened to the feedback our customers were giving us on our existing models. We have always tried to keep our design simple so people can concentrate on their game and not any unneeded technology. So, we doubled down with the X9R while not getting away from what already makes BATCADDY people's favorite out on the course. We made it lighter with longer battery life, more stable than any of our other Caddys, updated the electronic controls, added upgraded and more durable accessories, then added the fan favorite Electronic Parking Brake!

The X9R Carbon is recognized for its lightweight design. Exactly how much lighter is it?
The X9R Carbon weighs 24.6lbs with the battery. That is over 10lbs lighter than an MGI Zip Navigator and over 7lbs lighter than a MotoCaddy M7. We have taken weight savings to the next level, and with Carbon Fiber frame components, we enhanced the durability all at the same time.

What additional features does the X9R Carbon include?
Other than what I have already mentioned, the X9R models come with a Stainless-Steel Umbrella Holder, Metal Scorecard Holder, and 10 level battery-charge indicator. Again, these upgrades are what our customers have been asking for, nothing about the actual function of those 3 things has changed, but you're getting a more durable product that is also easier to use. And we are also including 2 cup holders and a seat with all X9R models. And I say all X9R models because you can also get the X9R in a non-Carbon frame. All the tech and features are the same, you just don't get the Carbon Wrapping.

Where can the X9R and X9R Carbon be found and what's the price point?
BATCADDY.COM is the only place to find the X9R models, with the Standard X9R starting at $1499 and the X9R Carbon starting at $1799. You can also upgrade to Blue or Red rear wheels for an additional $50.

Any Final Thoughts?
I would say that we are proud to introduce our new Caddy after having listened to the people who use them every day. We have always made Caddys that work for everyone and with the X9R we feel like we have taken that to the next level. It's never been easier to Walk Like a Pro!


  • Dave Bales

    I received my New X9R Carbon May 6, 2022… yesterday we went on it’s Maiden Voyage (May 10 ,2022 18 holes)… I traded in my 9 year old X3R. My X9R Carbon performed better than I expected, down hills, up hills, turns left and right. All my golfing buddies were impressed with its looks and handling. I would recommend this Bat Caddy to any of my friends.

  • Cecelia Purvis

    Awesome ! Looking into it…!

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