What are we doing out here!?

Do you play in the rain? A storm? When is it no longer "golfing” weather. When your partners all bail at the last moment? Well, I had a golf date on Tuesday and the weather was inclement to say the least. We have had an atmospheric river dumping rain like no tomorrow here in CA for the last week. Tuesday there just happened to be a break in the clouds right at tee time. Unfortunately, my regular threesome had life come up; not feeling well, a sick kiddo, and I debated whether to go as the last man standing. I went out with some serious reservations, especially when I saw how much water was on the course! I told myself if I started losing balls in all the new water hazards I would head in at 9.

So I teed off by myself and I will say this is the first time I have ever played alone, and it was amazing. I missed the water on the first few holes and fell into a steady rhythm of quiet, followed by the sound of a struck ball. There were only a few other people on the course, mostly in ones and twos, and we all gave each other a knowing little head nod as we passed on parallel fairways. This is what we are doing out here. Communing with each other and nature. (It turned out to be a gorgeous day.) Challenging ourselves mentally, and physically to enjoy a (incredibly difficult sometimes) game.

Here is what else happened. On the 5th hole I ran into the only foursome on the course and a single behind me caught up. His name was Tony, and we finished the course together. We talked about life, and families, and work, and of course golf. This is the other thing we do out here. Meet people who share out passion for this piece of life and share it with each other. I didn’t take a picture of Tony or get his number, but he will be a part of my golf story forever.

P.S. I stuffed a tee shot on a par 3 to within 5 ft when we played through the foursome in front of us. For this 90’s golfer, that is also why we play!!!


  • Paul Guzman

    Hello John! Tony was pushing his bag in a regular push cart :) I have an X8R with custom blue wheels you might be able to see in the pic :) annnnnd I missed my putt on the amateur side, but I’ll take tap in pars all day!

  • john bond

    We play year around in fort Collins co.played yesterday at 22 degrees Sun out no wind,ground frozen great rolls.cannot shoot at the greens ball will bounce on the frozen greens.

  • Todd Foster

    Love it.

    Golf is a very social game. I’ve met some awesome people when I just sign-up at our course here in Rehoboth Beach. In fact joining in a group is highly encouraged by the pro shop.

  • John

    Two questions….
    (1) What model Bat-Caddy did Tony have…or purchase?
    (2) Did you make the putt?

    Hope all is well, Paul…and I enjoy your Blog and Newsletters.

  • Albert Berta

    I was playing West Seattle Golf course on December 15th. 10.5 inches of rain in November…Soggy course….Batt Caddy works!!!! Kept me from walking in the puddles and low points on the course !!!

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