Join the EVO-lution!

    Introducing the Batcaddy EVO Series, the next generation of electric golf caddy!

    Designed with Real Intelligence, BATCADDY has created a Caddy that has everything the modern walking golfer is looking for. Ultra-lightweight and compact, Smart Follow and Remote-Control models, Advanced Stability features, Intelligent Auto-Tracking, full lockout parking brake, downhill speed control, and 24v Advanced Lithium Battery technology are just some of the advanced features in the new EVO Series. Elevate your golf game and "Walk Like a Pro!" with the ultimate Batcaddy. EVO Remote available now! EVO Follow coming in 2025!

    • Ultra-Light – EVO Caddy 19.5lbs/Battery 3lbs - up to 40% lighter than the competition
    • Smart Pack – Folds to less than 4 inches high for easy storage
    • Up to 4 Operating modes – Follow, Remote, Walk-Along, Standard Push-Cart
    • 6G Smart Follow Mode (EVO Follow model only)
    • Fully Directional Remote Control (EVO Remote and Follow models)
    • Advanced Stability Geometry with Auto Anti-Tip Assist
    • Intelligent Auto-Tracking
    • Electro-Magnetic Parking Brake
    • Downhill Speed Control
    • Ultra-Quiet Stealth Motor Design
    • Forever Tread Wheels
    • Oversized Anti-Tip Wheel
    • Cruise Control and Auto-Distance Feature
    • Fully Adjustable Handle (32” to 44”)
    • 24v Advanced Lithium Power