Embrace the Challenge

Today we're starting this blog with a question: Why do we love this game so much? This question was posed at a recent BatCaddy team meeting and the answers were fascinating. Some spoke of the experience when hitting it pure or sinking a putt to save par, while others mentioned the camaraderie or the peace of mind experienced on the course.

Everyone's answers were somewhat aligned with one another until my colleague said, "I love a bad lie". Yes, a bad lie. Personally, I cross my fingers after every shot for a good lie… my ball patiently waiting for me on a short bed of grass to hit that next shot. But my colleague "loves" it. Puzzled, I asked why? "Nothing makes me laugh harder, or appreciate the game we play, more than a spectacularly bad lie. To me it mirrors life and the challenges we face on a daily basis. We either let it ruin our game or figure out how to get through it. And hopefully we have an amazing group of friends to laugh with us and let us know when it's ok to kick it in the fairway… Unless we're playing for skins."

Now, I'm here writing this blog post finding myself having a different perspective on a plugged ball in the bunker. So, I ask you to join me in embracing a bad lie.

Let's celebrate it together by posting your "bad lie moment" with #EmbraceTheChallenge @BatCaddy. Post your "bad lie moment" with the chance to win a BatCaddy Swag Bag! Every week a new winner will be selected along with their post being featured in the BatCaddy newsletter.

Here's to embracing the challenges together and having some fun. Looking forward to your photos like this one, which previously caused you to take a deep breath, but now you get fired up!


  • Deb

    Bad lies…well yesterday day’s round was full of bad lies. Blasted my drive on hole 1 only to land in a divot. Same happened on holes 5, 8, 13, 14, 16 and 18. What are the odds? Still love golf? You bet…just gotta play it as it lies😝

  • JEFF

    being on the ice in the middle of the pond on the 16th hole at pebble creek and putting the next shot within the flag for a birdie

  • Gene T Mitchell Jr

    I guess my problem will be trying to determine WHICH bad lie to post!!!

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