Grateful for Golf

My name is Paul Guzman, Marketing and Distribution Director here at BATCADDY. Usually I am the one who is asking other people to write about BATCADDY and their experiences, but I just had a day that made me stop and give a huge thank you to the game of golf. It has given me the career I have right now, which is a long way from the trenches I use to dig for water lines. Ha!

As a lifelong fan of the game, I could not pass up the opportunity I was offered 3 ½ years ago to come work for BATCADDY. And two days ago, my 13-year-old daughter finally joined me on the golf course for the first time. What she really wanted to do was drive a cart. Ha-ha! Of course she did! That's what I wanted to do when I was 13 too! I talked her into walking with me on the front 9 and told her we could take a cart on the back.

Here's what happened. As we walked down the fairway, she turned into my caddie. She was driving my BATCADDY with the remote and having fun, but pretty soon she started asking which club I was going to hit and why. She then asked why I cleaned them after every shot and why there are sand traps and water on the course. So instead of jamming from shot to shot in a cart, we walked down the fairway and I shared the game of golf with my daughter. Don't get me wrong, we would have had a blast in a cart, but it would have been different. Instead, I got to walk with her, and she got to "feel" the game of golf and what it means to spend time on the course with your best friends, connected to the planet we live on in a unique way. I love this game, and she got to feel that yesterday. And as all of you know, sharing a game we love with people we love is a truly incredible experience, especially when you see their eyes light up and you know they feel it too.

I'll end with this. As we finished the 9th hole and I got her lunch, I asked if she wanted to get a cart. She said no. We walked the back 9. It was amazing. Thank you all out there for supporting our company and the game we play. I am forever grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Laurence J Lawless

    Lovely article, thanks for sharing. It really hit a chord with me. I am an avid golfer and enjoying playing with my regular male golf buddies, but the best is playing with my daughter, walking with my BATCADDY. No better way for a father and daughter to bond. She is 28 now, we have being playing 9 holes together every 3-4 weeks since she was 12.

  • Mickey

    Lovely story. I walk a tough course, Montauk downs in 3 1/2 hours with my 4XR Can keep up with any golfer in a cart.has improved my handicap by 4 strokes!

  • Tim Hickey

    Thanks, article made my week!

  • Luis Villareal

    What a nice story! As a grandparent I relish the family moments the game of golf offers. Thanks

  • Lex

    When you get that “opportunity “ you have had one of your best ever golf outings. Score..what score? Doesn’t matter when you get to spend all that time with your 13 year old daughter! You will remember this day for a long long time.

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